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  • Rights custodian not doing it right

    The National Human Rights Commission could not resolve nearly half of the cases filed with it over the last decade.
  • Border Hospitals Tackling Covid: Understaffed, under stress

    As the Covid-19 crisis continues to unfold in bordering districts, with some put under lockdown to put the brakes on the transmission, major hospitals in those districts totter due to a shortage of frontline doctors and nurses.
  • The allure is a free pass to extort

    For the past month, every lamppost, electric pole and balustrade in the neighbourhoods in Dhaka-14 constituency was strung up with technicolor posters of at least 33 politicians vying to be the oarsman of one boat -- that of the seat left empty by deceased parliamentarian Aslamul Haque.
  • The brawl over Ivermectin

    As Covid-19 cases are on the rise in the country, doctors are once again mulling over Ivermectin as a possible answer. However, controversy continues to follows this drug.
  • Private hospitals treating Covid-19 patients charging at will

    Desperate and discomposed, they would arrive at the doors of private hospitals to get treatment for Covid-19.