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  • When protectors become killers

    The shocking murder of three people, including a child, by an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) in Kushtia town highlights the need for

  • No cheers for Palestine

    We welcome with cautious optimism the news of the removal of Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s prime minister after a new coalition

  • Are we doing anything about the latest spike in Covid infections?

    Health experts had warned earlier that if the Indian variant of Covid-19 (also known as Delta variant) can make its way into areas other than the bordering ones, Bangladesh will likely witness more than 20,000 covid-19 cases a day in early July.

  • Continued closure of educational institutions

    Going back on its plan to reopen schools and colleges partially, the government has once again extended the closure of schools and colleges to June 30. Earlier the education minister had announced that all educational institutions would open from June 12.

  • Cruelty towards household staff must stop

    We are appalled by the cruelty of an employer’s daughter towards 18-year-old Miyasa, a house staff. The 27-year-old woman scalded Miyasa by pouring boiling rice foam on her causing severe burns. It is by sheer fluke that Miyasa was rescued by police after a 999 call they received.

  • Little to no progress in ending hazardous child labour

    We are dismayed at the sluggard progress of a government project (taken up over three years ago) aimed at taking children out of hazardous labour by 2020.

  • Stimulus schemes failing to reach female entrepreneurs

    It is disheartening to know that despite the government’s stimulus packages for SMEs owned by women, the funds are not reaching them. Instead, many entrepreneurs are taking loans from microfinance institutions where interest rates are around three times higher than the banks.

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    Public officials blatantly breaking the rules of service

    In a gross violation of service rules, a huge number of civil servants are owning and running businesses on the side, according to a letter by the Anti-Corruption Commission.

  • Baffling remarks by the finance minister

    We are befuddled at the finance minister’s refusal to accept data on the new poor, released earlier through surveys conducted by private research organisations to measure the effects of the pandemic-induced income losses.

  • Making Dhaka liveable again is challenging but not impossible

    The latest Economist Intelligence Unit’s ranking of liveable cities has placed Dhaka as the fourth least liveable city in the world. While we already know the challenges brought about by the pandemic that has affected every city in the globe, Dhaka included, there is little reason for us to hide behind the “pandemic” excuse.

  • ‘New’ town, same old mistakes

    What was supposed to be an “ideal town” to take some of the population burden off Dhaka city has so far been revised five times since its initiation in 1995, with its progress still a far cry from completion.

  • TikTok trafficking ring a sign of risky digital spaces

    A police investigation into the rape and torture of a Bangladeshi woman in India has revealed a sinister network of human trafficking operating within the country.

  • Recurring slum fires a cause of concern

    Incidences of fire in the slums of Dhaka have taken frighteningly endemic proportions. In the last six months, fires have engulfed several large slums in the city, creating greater suffering for already marginalised and distressed populations.

  • MPs blast health ministry’s dereliction

    It was encouraging to see our dysfunctional parliament be enlivened for once with the type of challenging questions that ought to be asked in the great parliamentary hall.

  • Growing crisis at RMCH

    It’s deeply worrying that Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH), the central hospital in the division, is struggling with a growing crisis of ventilators and ICU beds amidst a surge in Covid-19 infections.

  • Four Chattogram corporate groups supplying free oxygen during the pandemic

    We applaud the initiative taken by four corporate houses based in Chattogram, who have been supplying oxygen to hospitals and patients for free in several districts, like Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar, Feni, Cumilla, and Sylhet, since the middle of last year.

  • Budget ignoring environmental concerns?

    It’s quite disheartening to know that in the national budget for fiscal year 2021-22, only Tk 1,221 crore has been allocated for the Ministry of

  • Virus surge continues, getting closer to the capital

    We are apprehensive of what is to come as Covid-19 infection and death rates continue to rise to dangerous numbers in many districts across the

  • The new poor left in the lurch

    While generally the FY21-22 budget is business friendly, the same regrettably cannot be said about its provisions for the poor, particularly those who have been newly thrust below the poverty line due to reasons induced by the pandemic.

  • Waterbodies in Tangail on their deathbed

    It is heart-breaking to learn of the near death of three rivers and one canal in Tangail due to the dumping of polluted elements by some mills and factories in the given area, according to a DS report yesterday which was World Environment Day.

  • Human Trafficking

    Trafficking of girls and women on the rise

    A report in The Daily Star on June 3 highlighted the harrowing experiences of three trafficked victims who were lured to India under false promises of getting well-paying decent jobs.

  • A more pro-people budget expected

    Since the pandemic hit Bangladesh in early 2020, the poverty rate has doubled—for every five people in Bangladesh, two are now living below the poverty line.

  • Covid-19

    Covid cases on the rise in border districts

    We are alarmed at the recent rise in Covid-19 positive cases in the country, and especially in areas along our borders.

  • The second Covid budget

    The finance minister on Thursday presented the 50th annual budget of the country which amounted to Tk 603,681 crore, up from last year’s budget of Tk 568,000 crore. Here are our initial reactions to it, and a more detailed analysis will follow.

  • Corruption in public hospitals must be stopped

    We’re shocked to know that a hundred steel almirahs which would normally cost Tk 23,000 each have been bought at Tk 96,000 each by the

  • Border districts woefully underprepared for Covid-19 surge

    Over the past week, there has been a worrying surge of coronavirus cases in border districts, with some displaying positivity rates that range from 20 percent to a whopping 40 percent.

  • Students should be on the vaccine priority list

    We are pleased to hear that students of public and private universities are going to receive the Covid-19 vaccine on a priority basis, once they are available.

  • Lockdown of border areas

    Only a couple of days ago, we had opined in these very columns that the government should opt for a strict lockdown in the border districts if we are to avoid a situation like the kind that India is facing presently.

  • Yet another instance of faculty plagiarism

    We’re worried about the instances of plagiarism which appear to be on the rise in the country’s universities. After three Dhaka University teachers were demoted over plagiarism in their research papers four months ago,

  • After the cyclone, coastal people are still in distress

    According to a report published by The Daily Star yesterday, people of coastal regions are still in government shelter homes where they had gone before cyclone Yaas was about to strike the region. They cannot go back to their houses, which are submerged under rising levels of saline water.