Dumb as a plant: Actor arrested for being too stupid to throw away drugs

Mona Fairy, a popular actor in Chapasthan, has been arrested because she was too stupid to throw away some drugs she kept at her house while police were breaking down her door.  

Take that, mate: Alien cricket team’s 4-point demand leaked

In the latest press conference following the third T20I of the bilateral T20I series, the Alien cricket team introduced an outrageous Four-Point Demand at the hosts amid the pandemic, saying they...

Retraction Act allowing govt to change decision any time passed in parliament

Flipflopping on decisions and positions has become enshrined in law in Chapasthan. 

Covid to spread on a limited scale for the next week

In a break from tradition, and in order to uphold the hosts’ traditions, Covid-22 will be spreading in a limited capacity for the next week, a press release said yesterday.  

Brazil and Argentina to give Copa America trophy to B-baria after final

The football teams of Brazil and Argentina have decided to send the Copa America trophy to Brahmanbaria after the final tomorrow.  

Students, teachers in despair during trial reopening of schools post-Covid

The world is a different place now. It is a world ravaged by a pandemic, where people have been mostly home since the end of 2019.

After U-loop failure, I-turn to revolutionise traffic

Dhoka’s traffic system will see an overhaul after U-loops were shown to be a spectacular failure.

Urban solutions: The world’s first beach without a sea

There must be a sea when you talk about a “sea beach”, right?

‘Environmental’ mother-to-be worried baby will tip the scales towards climate doom

“Babies are not environmentally friendly. Babies will ruin the environment. Babies are the reason sea turtles are choking on your used plastic and dying. Babies are in direct cahoots with other...