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Upgrade to a Smart Home

Smart homes are probably the next step in modern lifestyles. But they are still a bit rare in Bangladesh to get your hands on them.

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‘Feed the Hungry’— an event celebrating six months of C’Zar

C’Zar marked its 6-month anniversary by organising an event on 12 September, 2021, called ‘Feed the Hungry.’ The purpose was to feed high-quality food to underprivileged children. 

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The Realities of Fat Shaming

Fat shaming is a pattern of behaviour that shouldn't belong in our society.

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Fashion That Fits

Availability is a big problem when it comes to finding inclusive size options.

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A Socially Anxious Person Walks Into a Restaurant...

Strategise. Practice. Prepare. With at least a whole week in hand.

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Pushing traffic on a budget: Toyota Axio Hybrid

Toyota Corolla; a well-recognised name in many families through countless generations, is known as a nice, cheap, and well-rounded car that rarely breaks on you, giving countless reliable miles.

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Blood Brothers: exploring Ali and X’s bittersweet friendship

There are very few friendships that have attracted the public eye and provoked reactions of dread and rapacious approval in equanimity. One of those friendships - better described as blood brothers...

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Check out these 5 cool budget Bluetooth speakers

From a lively party to a zen-filled study session- if music is the best companion for you, then a Bluetooth speaker is just what you need. But choosing the right speaker that balances out quality...


The shooting for this project was during the pandemic, but the situation was not as bad back then as it is now. We shot the film around February and March of this year.

Kurdish Massacres One of Britain’s Many Original Sins

For those who believe in the fairy tale of original sin, Adam and Eve, so goes the narrative, partook of the forbidden fruit, fell from grace, and were forever banished from the garden.

The Politics of Indigeneity and the Jumma struggle for land and recognition

In May 2011, Iqbal Ahmed—first secretary of the Bangladesh Mission in New York—stated at the 10th session of the United Nations

Four Challenges to Governance in South Asia

Although there is no universally accepted definition of the term governance, it has become a buzzword since the 1980s.

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Bangladeshi photographer Shahriar Amin Fahim awarded at Japan’s Nikon Photo Contest

Bangladeshi photographer Shahriar Amin Fahim was the excellence award winner at the Nikon Photo Contest 2020-2021 in Japan, under the next generation category. He won the award for his photo, ...

Depp says ‘no one safe’ from cancel culture before receiving lifetime award

Nobody is safe from so-called "cancel culture," movie star Johnny Depp said on Wednesday at the San Sebastian Film Festival where he was due to receive the event's top award for his...

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Five-day cultural programme on Bangladesh’s Liberation War to be held in Kolkata

A cultural event showcasing the relationship between India and Bangladesh during the latter’s Liberation War in 1971 will be organised by the Indian Army’s Eastern Command in Kolkata from September...

Following in her father’s footsteps

Fauzia Beethi is not a political figure in her area, but everybody knows her in Bogura’s Dhunat upazila for her philanthropic works.

For the love of a language

In a country where people laid down their lives about seventy years ago to uphold the dignity of their mother tongue, Bangla, the struggle is still on to preserve mother tongues of smaller ethnic...

The pursuit of a dignified life

Giving away her hard-earned income to the destitute, Dil Afroze Khuki of Rajshahi chose a life of constant battles. ...

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Bangabandhu and his unrealised dreams

The murder and its political background

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Bangladesh's new data protection act: brittle shield or blunt sword?

The Government of Bangladesh is drafting a data protection and localisation law (“draft data protection act, DPA” or “the law”), which, once enacted, will be the first of its kind data privacy law...

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Dispute settlement mechanism under the UNCLOS 1982

The Law of the Sea dispute settlement mechanism is an area of great academic, economic, and political interest where the relationship between public and private law is in full evolution and...

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Vaccine registration builds antibodies: Study

In a revolutionary new study conducted last week – meaning it started and ended last week, the rpm was off the charts, experts say – by Chapasthan scientists offers the potential to solve all...

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Aurangzeb’s crown found in a local tea-stall

According to news circulating on the internet, the crown of the late 18th-century Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb has been found in a local tea stall.  

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Research finds proof of male students’ existence despite continuous absence on news

“Every day, before going to my office, I drop my son off at his school. But I have never seen a male student on the news or newspapers, let alone my son. Does my son really go to school?,” a father...

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The 14-year-old who crossed the Bangla Channel

Fourteen-year-old Rabbi Rahman, a tenth grader from Bogura, is the youngest Bangladeshi swimmer to cross the Bangla Channel in the Bay of Bengal. He secured the first place in the 15th Fortune...

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Samannoy Ghosh’s journey from radio to the commentary booth

Knowing that sports was his passion, Samannoy Ghosh wanted to pursue it no matter what. Today, the multifaceted RJ and host is a promising name in the world of sports, with his appearances as a...

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Shahin Alam’s selfless pursuit of knowledge

When the University of Dhaka (DU) was shut down due to the pandemic, 24 -year-old Shahin Alam, a Political Science student of the university, began computer training sessions for physically...