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“She asked for it”
Interpreter of Maladies

“She asked for it”

Sexual violence against women is often justified by putting blame on women. If a woman gets sexually assaulted, the whole of society tends to point fingers at the woman.

Transgender and proud

Transgender and proud

Bullied, harassed and oppressed for acting feminine, even though she was born a man, Tashnuva Shishir eventually came out as a transgender person during her twenties, and took up dancing and theatre. Now, being a social worker, she has emerged as a forerunner to the trans-movement in the country.

International Women's Day 2019
Cover Story

The revolution begins with us

She is an all through professional, fighting head-on in a grossly male dominated industry. With a tough 'deshi' twang balanced perfectly with a down to earth attitude, she certainly conveys a sense of self-assurance.