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  • The rising nerd chic

    It is no more just about comics and superheroes or being studious and introverted, it is about personality and vibrancy. The stereotypical nerd image is quite outdated for the 21st century and so, this subtle art of expression and fashion has become a part of almost everyone’s wardrobe.

  • Heal the world with monsoon

    To those who believe monsoon is for the dull and colourless, let me rectify the statement. It is indeed for the spontaneous and the most fashionable.

  • Back to the future with hoops

    The popularity of hoop earrings continued from the ‘60s through the ‘90s, and till today, remains a classic for women of all ages. As one of the oldest fashioned pieces recorded in history, hoop earrings trace back to ancient Egypt all the way to modern times and have become an ultimate statement piece.

  • Your print story

    Also, just wondering about millions of colours and what to pair with them can give any person a serious headache. And imagine what can happen when someone asks you to pair your polka dots with the stripes.

  • Words that scream style

    Any fans of Sex and the City here? Then here are some that will immediately put you on nostalgia train. “They say nothing lasts forever. Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style!”

  • The story of Manas

    For few designers, it is no longer about fashion, runway, or even fame. It’s about creating a legacy, and leaving a better world for the consumers; and while on the journey if there are a few thousand followers on Facebook and Instagram then —why not?

  • Retail Remedy Therapy

    Rabita asked us to join in and view their latest collection.

  • Satin and shimmer

    A favourite of royalty as well as celebrities for decades, who can forget Grace Kelly’s iconic robin’s egg blue dress, or Princess Diana’s fabulously famous one-shouldered electric blue number.

  • The Baishakhi Bonanza

    All of us remember how even two years ago, we planned for the perfect Pahela Baishakh. At least two to three pairs of clothing would be spread out on the couch for try-outs, at least a week before the special occasion.

  • Baishakh for the hip and cool

    We can wear pop art inspired by the Bengali Film Industry. Nothing can be more fun and more Bangladeshi then having Dipjol, Shabana and Manna in their signature moves as prints.

  • Sabah Khan pays tribute to local artisans: The rising pillar in fashion

    Sabah Khan, an iconic name in the fashion scenario of Bangladesh, reveals her journey as a fashion enthusiast. Starting off as a leisure pursuit that stemmed from admiring her mother’s proclivity for dressmaking, she attributes her penchant for designing and aesthetics towards her mother.

  • Magical Threads Runway 2021

    To narrate untold stories woven painstakingly but silently upon majestic tapestries, Magical Threads Runway 2021, an iconic fashion show,

  • Seasonally soothing, fashionably sublime

    She wears a cotton sari, and puts joba blooms as earrings. The soft rays of the sun gently cuddling with blooming flowers portray a play of late-spring with early-summer.

  • The next step for Studio Mayasir

    Most of us are already aware of the negative effects of mass-produced fashion. But is awareness good enough to make a recognisable change?

  • Revelling in earthen tones

    Brown is one shade that is available almost anywhere, from the pathways we walk on to the walls of our homes. “Browns always make me feel safe and comfortable,” said Fatema Zohra, an avid fan of Aranya Bangladesh, a sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle brand in the city, chockfull of handcrafted wardrobe in earthy hues.

  • Sadakalo Wearing history in Black and White

    For nearly two decades, Sadakalo has been a brand with unique concepts, featuring designer clothing only in the monochrome colours of black and white.

  • BIBI'S dreams

    One such graceful person is Bibi Russell, who is in awe with her land and draws inspiration from its people. Everyday villagers are her muse; people toiling in the fields and rubbing off their sweat with the mundane gamcha,

  • fashion

    Coffee Hair Colour is a thing

    In 2021, despite the gloom, we fight back by keeping our souls lifted and dreaming of better times. And what can keep us motivated better than a gorgeous shade on our manes.

  • What’s the latest trend of 2020? Staycation!

    Without a speck of doubt, 2020 has so far been one of the bluest years of the 21st century. Despite all the hindrances and challenges faced this year, we have finally learnt to live with the new normal. As more and more people step out of their homes taking necessary precautionary measures, “staycation” is another trend that we embraced in 2020.

  • Qamash – the latest fashion label in town

    Two friends keen on designing and styling themselves in high-fashion wear usually struggled to find anything beyond ‘ordinary’ in the Dhaka market. That’s when they decided to produce their own label, Qamash, an ethno-fusion inspired clothing brand.

  • Regal, ethnic couture at House of Ahmed

    House of Ahmed LTD, which has had many stellar collections and campaigns, recently launched “Tales of a Modern Desi Woman ft. Jaya Ahsan”

  • Bringing Monet to Life

    The inspiration of the collection is derived from the diverse play of hues in Monet’s paintings. Although Selina Nusrat is not an art buff per se; she has been hugely inspired by the layer of colours that are seen in Monet’s paintings.

  • The Thami and Hadi bride

    Tenzing Chakma seems to have taken the lead in this arena, especially with his latest and superb collection of wedding wear for the bride and her entourage. Chakma believes in dressing the entire family unit during any wedding ceremony because it helps in cherishing the memories of a priceless family bonding.

  • The white shirt

    The admiration truly comes for all good reasons; it goes with everything, everywhere and at all hours. It also attempts to take on the ‘modern-vintage’ trend with little to no effort. One piece for endless, effortless looks — this Autumn, let’s fall in love with the timeless white shirt.

  • ‘FAB by Farah Anjum Bari’ at Style Diary

    Redefining fashion trends to meet her own vision, the inimitable Farah Anjum Bari has ventured into ready-to-wear retail with her autumn line of prêt-à-porter. Style Diary, a multi-designer retail outlet in Banani,

  • Working from home in Wearhouse

    For the past few months, working from home has become the norm for many, and as ex-office-goers struggle to maintain the balance between work and the distractions of the household, fashion has taken a backseat.

  • Bags for Fall

    The season of fall, luxe bags and polished leather — the trio that sums up our desires.

  • Fall adventures

    Here are the top three styles that you need to follow to get back into the game.

  • Acing the Puja Look

    Ladies, we know that we have set aside our favourite 6 yards of textile for quite some time now. Taking it out once in a while, only to sun dry, iron and put it back again.

  • Styling pants the trendy way

    Very ‘90s, ripped jeans, once-known-to-be a ‘grunge fashion-statement,’ have now built its reputation as ‘casual chic.’ They look cool, give off a fun vibe and can be worn under most informal settings.