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What Men Can't Do Without

As a gentleman, there are certain things you are expected to know and do by heart – proper grooming for one. Gone are the days when men would face scorn if they spend too much time on themselves. And with grooming the right way comes the right grooming products. While you are familiar with the golden tips of grooming, you must also get acquainted with the products responsible for elevating your grooming experience.

Face wash

You will be shocked to hear that there are some who do not care for, or even know about face wash products. Leaving such blasphemy aside, the fact is that your skin needs to breathe. All the pollutant and bacteria that adhere to the face can lead to acne prone, dull and wrinkled skin. Using a face wash that best suits your skin can cleanse that layer of dirt and oil hindering you from looking fresh, healthy and young.


Hydration is very important for the skin, even more so for men, who usually tend not to be attentive regarding its care. Places like your face, neck, ear, and chest shed skin faster than you can imagine, and should be moisturised properly to ensure proper tissue repair. If your skin is prone to acne, moisturising everyday becomes all the more important. While you are at it, do not forget to use lip balm to save your lips from looking cracked and dehydrated.

Spin brush

When washing your face with a face wash, you want it to reach your pores and cleanse all that nasty dirt but you must also make sure it's all done gently at the same time. This is where a spin brush comes in.


The climate here is extremely unforgiving, with the sun shining bright almost throughout the year. This means a sunscreen should be a no-brainer. If you are stepping out of your home, even for a little bit, sunscreen will go a long way into helping your skin.


Given how we are positioned in the tropics, it becomes all the more important for us to apply antiperspirant deodorants, because let's be real here, no one likes a smelly dude! Plus, it helps to avoid stains from sweat patches on your shirts. Never forget to roll on your deodorant.


A cologne will make you smell fresh and will add that oomph to that look that you so desire. And each should reflect particular occasions. You do not want to walk into a formal event with a cologne meant for everyday rough use, which have an extremely strong smell, and vice versa.

These grooming products are fundamental elements in any man's wardrobe. Every man should use them as a foundation and build on them to make sure they look young, healthy, and of course dapper. Don't just buy them and let them collect dust, use them and give your skin the attention it needs.


By Ali Sakhi Khan

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Model: Azim

Location: Amari, Dhaka

Golden grooming tips

Men often believe that whatever body image or youth they have is permanent, and so, do not spare a second thought to the idea of maintenance. Reality, however, is far different, so better take care of yourself or else you will be 'rocking' the 50 year old look before you even celebrate 30.

Never ever pop zits

It's understandable. That pink plateau on your forehead is a constant provocation. But resist the temptation no matter what. Popping the zit will invite bacteria into the exposed region and just make everything worse and raise chances of the zit making a return appearance.

Scent of a man

What is the second most important thing a person notices about you? Your scent. Experiments suggest you should apply colognes at your body's heat points, like wrists and the neck. In addition, opt for antiperspirant deodorants to save you from sweat patches and general bad odour.

Clipping and filing

This might remind you of those initial years of internship when all you had to do was staple papers. Apart from the name, it has no relation to it whatsoever. The idea is to keep your finger and toe nails short. You do not want the person you are shaking hands with to notice the black dirt trapped in your nails. Don't try going overboard with this and retreat to biting your nails. The site of irregular, half eaten nails isn’t exactly what people would consider pretty either.

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