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  • Zero hour Tailor tweets

    “A(fa) go maaf koiren ami ‘sick’ asilam apner ka(f)orer kaj shesh korte (f)ari nai,” ping went my Viber, in the middle of the night! I wouldn’t have worried much if it wasn’t chaand raat already. But, did you think I was born yesterday, or completely at the mercy of the tailor

  • The versatile short kameez

    The first time I became aware of fashion trends, sometime in my early teens, it was because this picture of a pristine white kameez with delicate beige embroidery on the neckline, sleeve hems, and the side slits caught my eye, and I wanted it so badly for that Eid.

  • LIVING BLUE an ethical marvel

    Born out of a governance project, and as a result of providing means of work to the ultra-poor of the northern region of Bangladesh, Living Blue has witnessed success in numerous fronts.

  • The invisible plus size section

    The Baishakhi festivities could not even take a breather, and Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr preparations are already in full swing. You cannot walk past a corner on the streets without Eid fashion advertisements blocking your sight.

  • Wildlife we can still save

    Since 1970 we have lost 60 percent of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles around the world as a result of large-scale deforestation, loss of wetlands, grasslands and marine environment.

  • Reforest the world

    “Bella”. So was the bright green parakeet called at grandmother’s residence in Sylhet. I remember spending hours with her as she pecked on some grain from the tiny bowl, carefully placed on a minute pedestal.

  • Lipsticks for the olive toned

    Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Aston is by far the most perfect nude shade. The pinkish nude is flattering on people of all skin tones and shades

  • Lemon Juice

    Beat the heat with some lemonade

    With the heat wave slowly seeping back into our daily days, our bodies are about to take on the brunt of it, aka becoming highly dehydrated.

  • Zoom in for a better future

    When Evergreen Zoom Bangladesh Foundation started its first school in 2016, it had just 13 students and about 50 volunteers. Today, the organisation runs five schools with approximately 450 students and more than a 1000 volunteers.

  • The power of one

    History has witnessed the rise and fall of countless valiant leaders who came, fought, and conquered. Some failed with dignity, having never left the battle scene.