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  • Gifts — Cash or kind?

    Cash gifts are still considered tacky, but many nowadays opt for that than a piece of jewellery, or any other material item. Historically in our subcontinent, wealth was measured by gold or land. Money had no fixed value, and therefore, not considered a good gift.

  • Managing finances the right way

    A. Foreign Currency Account

  • Managing within the monthly income

    How do we manage?

  • Ramadan finances

    Personally, I wish the weather was always cool and that we could fast comfortably. But the cool Ramadan days will come after many years, and that is something to look forward to. It may sound strange and contrary to what we were supposed to do, but spending

  • Sensible money management can give peace of mind

    Money is an integral and powerful part of our lives. It is difficult to escape it. It is wonderful if you can control it, instead of it controlling you. It is a good servant, but not a good master!

  • New Year's Resolutions

    First off, I would like to wish all my readers a very happy New Year. May we have a peaceful, prosperous, and most importantly, a healthy new year.

  • Financial tips for newlyweds

    It is the time of year when wedding preparations take priority over other things. The crisp and beautiful weather of December and January are perfect for big gatherings, and if you have not booked a hall in advance way ahead of the date, it is unlikely you will get any venue at such a short notice.

  • Spending Beyond One's Means

    Living beyond your means is pretty easy nowadays, especially since we live in a time when purchasing on credit has become the norm and ever so easy. However, remember that although it seems normal, it definitely is causing more harm to your current and future well-being.

  • The Debt Trap

    Various banks make loans so attractive to us - before we know it, we have landed with an auto loan to purchase a car or a house loan to purchase a small apartment. All of us want to improve our standard of living and what could be better than having your own car or your own apartment? Sometimes we tend to forget our ability to re-pay!

  • Credit cards 101

    In my mind, I cannot envisage a life without my credit cards. To me, they are a sign of comfort, security, and most importantly, convenience. Despite the benefits though, there is also a downside to too much dependency and over usage.

  • Eid celebration and young savers

    I remember growing up with my siblings and how excited we used to be during the last few days of Ramadan – the reason? Eid was around the corner! Back in those days, life was simple, and the two Eids were the most important celebrations in our lives; meaning new clothes, new shoes and visiting loved ones. Food played a major part, especially after a month of fasting.

  • Congratulations To The Women Of Bangladesh

    March 8, as we celebrate International Women's Day, I salute all women of Bangladesh from the garment workers, leaders in the corporate world, business entrepreneurs, school teachers, women in rural Bangladesh working their guts out and last but not the least home makers.

  • New Year's resolution — managing your funds

    "Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track.”

  • Avoid wasteful extravagance

    Consumption can be a remedy against boredom and may convey a sense of fictitious power and supremacy, by standing out from the crowd through the extravagance of the expenditure.

  • Profiting from our poor unsuspecting workers

    It saddens me, and I am sure many others, to see how unethical some people can be.

  • Teaching the value of savings to children

    I was recently in the US visiting our daughters and their families. Our four-year-old granddaughter insisted that I bring her a gift every single day. She did not mind how small it was or what it was, but she wanted one.

  • Importance of sharing financial information with children

    Reema (not her real name) passed away and her husband had pre-deceased her a few years earlier. Their three children, two of them living overseas, were left behind as orphans.

  • The necessity of sharing financial information

    In our culture and social upbringing, we tend not to talk about finances, especially between spouses.

  • Steps to Get Out Of Debt

    Sometimes, you can be in debt because you have spent too much money on a holiday, buying expensive things or living beyond your means.

  • bKash cash back offers

    Financial Security: the Key to Peace of Mind

    I am often asked by friends and relatives for financial advice prior to their retirement from their jobs. Most of them get impressive gratuity and a substantial amount of Provident Fund and other retiring benefits.

  • Save when you can

    I have been a big fan of this great investor who also happens to be a billionaire. From his various advices, I have learned to live well, and spend money carefully and wisely, but most importantly, to save.

  • Gifting and guiding your children

    None of us know what the future holds for us and being prepared for any eventualities should be a part of our lives. The world has changed and so have people's mindsets.

  • Health insurance for travellers

    Travelling overseas has become a norm for most Bangladeshis, be it for a vacation, a business meeting or a medical check up.

  • Penny Wise: Investments for retirees

    Sooner or later everyone with jobs and self-employed professionals, will retire so it is best to start preparing for that day from early on.

  • Fall in interest rates

    I am writing this article focusing on individuals, not corporates.

  • Keep your financial instruments safe and secure

    We do not realise how important it is to keep our credit cards, chequebooks, and ATM cards secure and in a safe place until something happens!

  • Imperative to Share Financial Information Between Spouses

    I was at a dinner the other evening and we were discussing a friend's husband who had passed away. A lady sitting next to me said.

  • Understanding confusing signals from our bankers

    I keep hearing from friends and family regarding receiving letters from their banks about providing documents for particular accounts with threats that otherwise 'restrictions on withdrawals' will be imposed on the 'said accounts'!

  • Penny Wise–Pay Your Bills On Time & Save

    Personal finance is full of decisions: Rent or buy? Save or build credit?

  • Money Matters For The Young Professional

    During my early years of marriage, despite the fact that I had a comfortable life, I decided that I needed to have a job, not so much for financial...