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  • Kaftans – the forever fashion statement

    What exactly is a kaftan? The simplest definition of a ‘kaftan,’ according to Vogue, is a narrow cut, long robe with full sleeves, either with a deep open neck, or fully open to the floor, and sometimes buttoned. I

  • Thee Gouri Narayani — Who art three-eyed

    If you are thinking this is yet another piece on our fantasy regarding the quintessential Bengali belle and their mesmerising eyes, then pause. This is exactly that…and perhaps, a little more.

  • The Jamdani Economics: Of Sonargaon and an Insignia

    By now, we all know that the National Crafts Council of Bangladesh and Bengal Foundation have been in talks with World Crafts Council to award Sonargaon the label of a Craft City, in recognition of the fact that the area is the weaving centre of the age-old Jamdani.

  • A new step towards greater recognition Sonargaon as World Crafts City

    The otherwise lacklustre village was buzzing with activities. A fact that was evident from the turn of the main road, where busy looking men, dressed in their finery of white Jamdani panjabis, were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the jury from the World Crafts Council (WCC),

  • A cut above: The Mirkadim breed of cows

    But dig deeper, and you will realise Mirkadim is like no other. It is the home of Mirkadim cows, a distinct class in our livestock industry — the highly celebrated and premium, ‘Mirkadim er goru’.

  • A cut above: The Mirkadim breed of cows

    But dig deeper, and you will realise Mirkadim is like no other. It is the home of Mirkadim cows, a distinct class in our livestock industry — the highly celebrated and premium, ‘Mirkadim er goru’.

  • Barbecuing this Eid

    It makes a world of difference when you prepare your food beforehand, by which, we mean having all your food items in boxes, already marinated and made out in the desired shapes you want to.

  • A cheesemaker with a message

    Times are changing. No longer will any food enthusiast be puzzled with an offer of something that is made by pouring bacteria into it. Not only will they say a resounding yes, the follow-up selection of dishes and food may overwhelm even the inquirer. Having said that, cheese certainly takes the top slot in this line-up as a delicious dairy goodness boasting of complex flavours.

  • Wear your VOICE

    Ever felt like sticking a placard on your forehead to make people aware of your stance on social issues because protests just don’t seem to register? Social awareness programmes or long social media posts are just not cutting it? Have an inclination to stand and

  • In the name of job satisfaction

    Job satisfaction, in simplistic terms is a combination of happiness and fulfilment generated from the employment we choose on our quest to achieve what we perceive as our career objectives. Quitting an internship at a financial institution following just two days after

  • The spirituality of a sacred month

    With Ramadan finally here, the entire atmosphere is filled with a profound sense of spirituality, one that inspires people, and instills virtue. However, this spirituality is often felt and interpreted by different people in various ways, and Star Lifestyle decided to explore just that.

  • May Day — how it came to be

    The Day has its origin in the USA. In the late nineteenth century, the working class was in constant struggle to gain the 8-hour work day. Conditions were severe, and it was quite common for labourers to work 10 to 16 hours a day in unsafe conditions.

  • Giving back to society

    Has the rat-race of the busy city life left you exhausted and in a constant state of being in an existential crisis? If you answer yes, then perhaps it’s time to find new ways to give back to society!

  • A village fair

    As our lives move away from our rural agrarian roots, more and more traditions that were quintessential to the Bengali experience are slowly lost.

  • Bangladeshi fashion

    Summer on the Orient Route

    With almost nine months of amazing warmth, comfort is on the top of the list, but that does not mean your own style has to take a back seat. Put your best foot forward in the trendiest of summer looks that go easy not only on the skin, but mind too.

  • A walk down Jessore Road

    I still remember when I was a child; I would sit next to my father every Friday evening while he rested on the armchair and read something from our home's library, or told me stories about his childhood.

  • DIY Crafts for your home

    If there is anything we are always on board with, it is a newly spruced up home. Same old décor, no matter how fun, gets mundane and boring, until we seek that little change to liven things up again.

  • Blessed Sindur

    The story goes that Parvati performed tapas (meditation and fasting to achieve self-discipline spiritually) in order to marry Shiva who agreed upon the condition that Parvati had to sacrifice her third eye.

  • Millennial parenting

    While both parents work, the concept of a joint family has morphed into something unnatural in today's world. Not only do mum and dad have professional careers to maintain

  • The quest for the right children's literature

    Growing up and reading Sukumar Ray was the most natural thing to do for a young reader with a moderate appetite for all things fun.

  • Tapping into the healing powers of dance

    “If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands…If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet”-goes the lyrics of one of the most familiar songs/rhymes/jingles that we have been exposed to as children.

  • how to make a face masks

    Beginner's guide to face masks

    Oily skin, open pores, blackheads or acne; you name a problem, and there will be a whole army of face masks ready, from all kinds of brands, types, prices, and sometimes, even colours, to take care of it.

  • Natural dyes: For the fashionably ethical

    As you browse through endless stores to pick the trendiest attires, or when you give yourself a bit of a shopping therapy, does the question of environmental friendliness come to your mind? It should!

  • Getting the best of

    Time constraints being such a pressure, people have to make use of what they have nearby, like the neighbourhood servicemen (who have only grown incompetent at everything over the years) with higher prices and mediocre services.

  • Restoring abodes and memories

    When architect Kazi Fida was roped in by his partner Md Abdul Awyal onto the project that they aptly came to name 'Jamil Residence,' they

  • A tech crash course for the mums

    Are you sick and tired of getting eye rolls when you ask your kids to “update the internet on my phone?” How many times was it that your Instagram post needed a filter like your teenager, and you had to pester them to apply it for you?

  • The weight of obesity

    Through the year we sometimes gain and lose weight without paying much heed. But when the gaining starts it gets hard to stop it. Start by measuring your BMI. This measures your height to your weight and tells you if you are obese or not.

  • Lacy opulence

    The simplest of fabrics, and the most mundane of dresses can be turned into a stunning piece with the addition of a lace. No single picture ever comes to the mind when we hear the word lace for the hundreds of types and designs we are used to seeing.

  • A celebration to remember

    You and your significant other have managed to tide over the first year of marriage with success! You learned to enjoy each other's differences, be patient with flaws, and prioritised love and understanding above all else.

  • A winter to remember

    You would be hard pressed to find one person who is not fond of this magical time of the year —sublime mornings perfect for brunches begin with soft rays of the