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Nature’s  rhapsody a story  in six  seasons
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Nature’s rhapsody a story in six seasons

“How do seasons change?” And on philosophical lines — “Why?”

Sharmila BasuThakur — the legend

Sharmila BasuThakur — the legend

Working with lifestyle journalism for over five years now, I believe I can confess to falling in love with the entire set-up. Some may abruptly brush off this special sort of reporting as laid-back, all about fluff and fleeting, but I contend to reason otherwise.

Water wars of summer
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Water wars of summer

The only way to cool off is either locking your friends and yourself up in a room to watch a movie, talk or indulge in iced cool treats. But what if there was one more way to cool off and included tonnes of water, fun and the tiniest bit of physical work?