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Today's Gallery (2020.04.08)

protesting the non-arrival of a TCB truck

People intercept a police patrol van near the capital’s Mugda General Hospital yesterday protesting the non-arrival of a TCB truck there. The truck, which sells daily essentials at fair prices three days a week, was supposed to arrive in the area at 8:00am, but it did not show up until noon. Photo: SK Enamul Haq

queues to buy the essentials

People left sandals, bags and chunks of cement concrete to book their places in queues to buy the essentials. Photo: SK Enamul Haq

Baitul Mukarram mosque

The imam of Baitul Mukarram leads Johr prayers at the national mosque in the capital yesterday, a day after the government issued a circular saying that none but employees of mosques are allowed to offer daily or Juma prayers at mosques. The move was taken to slow the spread of coronavirus. Photo: Palash Khan

A cow quenches his thirst

A cow quenches his thirst from a makeshift water tank, originally meant for handwashing. The photo was taken at Barishal city’s Sadar Road recently. Photo: Titu Das

Cargo boats

Cargo boats lie idle on the Balu river in Purbachal area on the outskirts of the capital yesterday as the country is on shutdown over coronavirus. The vessels are used to carry sand to different areas. Photo: Anisur Rahman


TRANQUILLITY... Amidst the ravages of a virtual lockdown, a semblance of serenity has come upon the streets of Dhaka. The pandemonium of traffic, air pollution and twenty million people pushing and shoving ahead of one another has been replaced with an unfamiliar stillness, with the rustling of fallen leaves blowing in the wind often the only whisper on the once-chaotic thoroughfares. The photo was taken recently from in front of the High Court premises. Photo: Firoz Ahmed