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Today's Gallery (2020.07.08)

traders sorting out hilsa

Traders sorting out hilsa at the wholesale market on Port Road in Barishal city yesterday. Local fisheries officials say fishermen getting good catches now due to strict enforcement of a ban on catching hilsa fry. They also attribute the good atches to the nationwide shutdown when many fishermen stayed ashore. Photo: Titu Das

shantinagar area

Vehicles are caught up in a long tailback in the city’s Shantinagar area around noon yesterday. With so many on the road, it is difficult to maintain physical distancing and that exposes them to the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. Photo: Amran Hossain

leaving from dhaka

A pick-up carries furniture of a family to Shariatpur from Dhaka. People leaving the capital has become a very common sight nowadays as many cannot afford their living expenses any more. Their income has been hit hard by the pandemic. The photo was taken on Dhaka-Mawa highway in Keraniganj yesterday. Photo: Anisur Rahman

water logging

A patient steps on to a wheelchair from a three-wheeler on a submerged road in front of Maa-O-Shishu Hospital in Chattogram city yesterday. The road went under water for about an hour during high tide. Such water logging is seen in parts of the city for a few days every year. Photo: Rajib Raihan

no entry

The banner says “no entry”, but what is the policy on exits? The bamboo fence has left just enough space for one to squeeze out of the locked-down red zone in the capital’s Wari, and that space is being utilised by a man exiting this high-risk area for Covid-19 infections. Photo:Firoz Ahmed

Waterlogging Due to high tides

Children joyfully splash around in the knee-deep water covering Chattogram city’s Agrabad Residential Area. Due to high tides, many parts of the area are inundated, causing residents to suffer, except for the little ones unburdened with responsibilities. This photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Rajib Raihan

buzzing with shoppers and hawkers

Tuesday is the designated off-day for Gausia and Chandni Chawk markets in the capital, but the area’s streetside vendors still set up shop. Sidewalks were buzzing with shoppers and hawkers as per usual, with little regard for the closure and the virus outbreak. Photo:Firoz Ahmed