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Today's Gallery (2020.08.10)

garment factory employees

Pedestrians, mostly garment factory employees, go to work treading a single file in ankle-deep floodwater on a side road in Savar’s Jirani area early yesterday morning. Persistent rainfall and flooding over the last month has meant that people all over the country have had to get used to such circumstances in their daily lives. Photo: Palash Khan

dogs taking shelter on high places

Some dogs taking shelter on high places while two others trying to do so as the house is flooded at Bhakurta in Savar. Animal lover AKM Nazirul Islam rented a house there to take care of injured or sick street dogs. Thirty-two dogs live there. This photo was taken on Saturday. Photo: Amran Hossain

Three beggars

Three beggars, each with a different physical disability, say they often travel together on a battery-operated vehicle to reach their destinations. Although a bit risky to move about is such a way, such camaraderie is a pleasant sight. This photo was taken from the capital’s Segunbagicha. Photo: Rashed Shumon

Vines grow on the sunshade

Vines grow on the sunshade of a building in the capital’s Mirpur, slowly covering the window underneath as the floors of this building remain empty, presumably as its residents have left the capital to ease the financial burden of living in a big city. Juxtaposed to the unbridled growth stand carefully maintained potted plants in an upscale apartment complex in the background, the inhabitants of which are likely a little more fortunate during these trying times. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Firoz Ahmed

footpaths on the capital’s Satmasjid Road

For over a month, footpaths on the capital’s Satmasjid Road have remained in this condition, leaving pedestrians no other option than to hop, skip and jump over debris. City corporation workers are doing such renovation work in many parts of Dhanmondi, which locals say are in a haphazard manner. Photo: Rashed Shumon