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Today's Gallery (2020.08.11)

ankle deep water

Standing in over ankle-deep water, a boy opens the tap of a line from a water pump in Bagpara of the capital’s Nasirabad area. As the locality does not get water supply from Dhaka Wasa, locals have to rely on this pump, which they set up two years ago. Together, they also pay for the electricity needed to pump up the water. Each line supplies water to 70-75 households. The photo was taken on Friday, when the place got waterlogged after rain. Photo: Anisur Rahman

a motorcyclist

A motorcyclist wades through a flooded street after heavy monsoon rains in Lahore, Pakistan yesterday. Photo: AFP

day labourers

Day labourers having an afternoon nap near the capital’s Chandrima Udyan. A large number of them do not get work every day as many construction works have been stalled since the outbreak of coronavirus in the country. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Firoz Ahmed

fishing at jilkar haor

Children returning home after fishing at Jilkar haor in Sylhet’s Sadar upazila. It has become a pleasant activity for people of all ages in the vicinity as more fish are being caught with the floodwater started recede. People in rural areas often go fishing as a community. Photo: Sheikh Nasir

A hawker

The already difficult life of a hawker now includes risk of catching a dangerous virus. In pursuit of securing the barest minimum of income, they have started returning to the streets as traffic has started to normalise in the capital. Even though coronavirus risks remain high, they have no choice but to do so. In a loss-loss situation, they stand to lose everything if they do get infected, as there’s no safety net for them or their families. Photo: Firoz Ahmed