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Today's Gallery (2020.10.22)

six year old boy

With his hands tied behind his back, this six-year old boy was crying on the footpath near the capital’s Aziz market in Shahbagh when two pedestrians stopped to help him. The boy’s grandfather said he tied the hands to keep him in “control” while the parents, who live on the street, were away for work. The sad truth is, the sight of children being abused on the streets is not too rare. Photo: Prabir Das

underpass at zia saroni

The underpass at Zia Saroni has been damaged for over a year. As the Dhaka North City Corporation has not taken any steps to get it fixed, the place has now become prone to accidents and gridlocks. The photo was taken yesterday. PHOTO: AMRAN HOSSAIN

bgmea building

THE ‘CANCER’ YET TO BE REMOVED ... Demolition work of the BGMEA building in the capital’s Begunbari continues through manual labour at snail’s pace. The workers are also not wearing any protective gear while working on the high-rise. PHOTO: PALASH KHAN

bgmea building

This building, constructed illegally, was ordered by the High Court to be demolished in 2011, but the process remained in legal and logistical tangle until January this year. The Supreme Court in its final verdict on its demolition termed it ‘a cancer on Hatijheel project’. The work was expected to be finished by June, but judging by the progress, it may take months. PHOTO: PALASH KHAN

dhaka aricha highway

Workers of Bando Eco Apparels garments factory blockaded the Dhaka-Aricha highway near Aminbazar for three hours yesterday evening, protesting partial closure of the factory and layoffs. Police later arrived at the scene, and exchange of tear shells and brickbats ensued before the road was cleared by law enforcers. This photojournalist was injured by a brickbat and had to receive three stitches on his head, minutes after taking this photo. PHOTO: PALASH KHAN

A pick-up truck

A pick-up truck carries so much wood that it almost dwarfs the size of the vehicle itself. If that wasn’t enough, a person nonchalantly sits on top of the huge pile, only held together by some flimsy ropes. If the logs somehow get loose, an accident could be imminent. This photo was taken on Tuesday from the capital’s Tejkunipara. PHOTO: Prabir Das