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  • What we know

    The scenario many had feared has come true: November 3 has come and gone and we don’t know whether Trump or Joe Biden has won the White House. Here’s the current state of play and a preview of what to expect.

  • Donald Trump’s path to victory

    President Trump is, without question, an underdog -- and a clear one -- going into Tuesday’s election. But, a long shot is not a no shot. And there is a somewhat plausible electoral map that gets him to 270 electoral votes and a second term.

  • ‘We’re not about to let anyone steal this election’

    State law enforcement officials warned Monday against pressure to declare the winner of the US election, amid reporting that President Donald Trump has mulled claiming victory before votes are counted.

  • Why the Senate contests matter?

    When the dust settles after the November 3 United States elections, both major political parties hope they will have taken control of the 100-member Senate, a body that has outsized power in influencing American life beyond its legislative role.

  • Biden gets the first vote from a Republican

    A lifelong Republican from Dixville Notch in New Hampshire has become the first American to cast a ballot on election day 2020 – voting for Democrat Joe Biden.

  • No winner on election night?

    It has been a long tradition for US television networks to call projected winners on election night as results trickle in -- but the unique circumstances of 2020 are likely to create numerous challenges to that practice.

  • Veteran who wants to unify America

    He has suffered profound personal tragedy and seen his earlier political ambitions thwarted, but veteran Democrat Joe Biden hopes his pledge to unify Americans will deliver him the presidency after nearly half a century in Washington.

  • US election in numbers

    That’s the date for the US presidential election, congressional races, Senate contests and several state and local races. Election Day is traditionally set for the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

  • The wrecking ball who came to ‘fix’ America

    Donald Trump rose to power proposing a simple solution to the United States’ deepest problems: himself.

  • The choice for the future of America

    The choice for the future of America