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Post-holiday virus surge

After the Chapasthan government temporarily lifted the strict lockdown, having gotten assurances from Covid-22 chief Sars Covfefe that the virus would only spread on a limited scale during the...

4d ago| Satireday

Bezos thanks designer for biodegradable suit specially made for commute to space

Jeff Bezos in a press conference yesterday thanked his designer, an up-and-coming artist, for her impeccable work in designing him a biodegradable suit for his recent commute to space.

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New cricket format to have last man batting, 20 players on each side

After the success of The Hundred, the International Cricket Innovators have floated a new format of the sport called 20.  

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Dora the Explorer Ends Up In Dhaka After Map Malfunctions

We saw the incident as a great opportunity for an interview.

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Brazil and Argentina to give Copa America trophy to B-baria after final

The football teams of Brazil and Argentina have decided to send the Copa America trophy to Brahmanbaria after the final tomorrow.  

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Students, teachers in despair during trial reopening of schools post-Covid

The world is a different place now. It is a world ravaged by a pandemic, where people have been mostly home since the end of 2019.

Diary of a Terrible Chess Player

“CHECK this out, MATES.”

This Place Is Not Like Other Restaurants

"Our three core values are exposure, exposure, and exposure."

Human error challenge goes viral after Shakib apology

Bangladesh woke up today to a new craze that has gripped social media following ace all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan's Facebook apology last night.

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In search of livelihood, 4 farmers travelled 250km during lockdown

Four farm labourers began their difficult journey from Gomostapur of Chapainawabganj this morning to Faridpur. They have started their journey on the basis of a phone call from a farmer in Faridpur...

VC in shock after world university rankings get published

“How did we get worse without even doing anything?”

‘Environmental’ mother-to-be worried baby will tip the scales towards climate doom

“Babies are not environmentally friendly. Babies will ruin the environment. Babies are the reason sea turtles are choking on your used plastic and dying. Babies are in direct cahoots with other...

Cricket team now to be coached by board president with no cricket experience

He has already piloted this strategy during a recent match, after Chapasthan had finished batting. He held a press conference and blasted their performance during the innings break, and the pilot...