2d ago| Satireday

After Squid Game, real-life Ilish Game grips nation

For weeks, the Squid Game has been the most watched show on Netflix in the country, and the wildly popular South Korean series has birthed an actual game called Ilish Game in the riverine country.  

2d ago| Satireday

Life after Messi: Barcelona to shift focus from football to mining

Fans of FC Barcelona have been left scratching their heads as the much-loved Spanish football club has announced that they will transition to becoming a mine-exploring organisation.

2d ago| Satireday

Whistleblower exposes how development sector develops itself

A new autobiography penned by a former development sector expert, Mr Penh Namh, has created immense controversy in the sector.  

1w ago| Satireday

FB, Insta, Whatsapp crashed because they don’t pay VAT: Minister

Misinformation Minister ATM Meghla Banik claimed on Wednesday that Facebook crashed because they don’t pay VAT on time, or at all.

2w ago| Satireday

Don’t love me: Pitch

The controversial Merepoor Pitch arrived outside the gates of Intergalactic Cricket Council’s (IgCC’s) prison the day before yesterday.   

2w ago| Satireday

Abandon literature, history books and embrace start-up hustle: CEO

A world-renowned CEO on Tuesday called on world leaders to abandon literature and history books in schools and colleges in favour of teaching start-up operations, technological innovations, and...

Vaccine registration builds antibodies: Study

In a revolutionary new study conducted last week – meaning it started and ended last week, the rpm was off the charts, experts say – by Chapasthan scientists offers the potential to solve all...

Aurangzeb’s crown found in a local tea-stall

According to news circulating on the internet, the crown of the late 18th-century Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb has been found in a local tea stall.  

Research finds proof of male students’ existence despite continuous absence on news

“Every day, before going to my office, I drop my son off at his school. But I have never seen a male student on the news or newspapers, let alone my son. Does my son really go to school?,” a father...

The other keeper feels ghosted like a middle child

Following the head coach’s decision to split the wicketkeeping duties for the ongoing unilaterally-confidence-booster five-match T20I against the team whose neighbour got thumped 4-1 of late, every...

Dhoka police take up journalism

Dhoka police yesterday launched a news website, exclusively to share news, updates, and their latest accomplishments with the people of the country. 

US Open places toilets on court after controversy over long bathroom breaks

To stop complaints about long bathroom breaks taken by players during matches, the US Open authorities have placed porta potties on court.