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Things to consider before buying your first car

Deciding to buy a car is one of the first steps to making your commute easier. With an increasing number of models to choose from, it becomes quite a challenge to pick the right one. How do you know which car is the best for you? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying a car, whether reconditioned or brand new.

“Usually, people think reconditioned cars are cheaper than brand new cars but this is a misconception. The market is very competitive and the prices are pretty much the same. Buying a car leads to social status,” says Md. Shadiqul Mostuk, DGM and HOD, Mitsubishi Motors.

Choice of region: The primary stage of buying a car is to realise there are many regions which import cars. Masud Karim, Executive Director, Multibrand, says, “The buyer needs to first decide on the region of import. Some buyers prefer cars from Japan whilst some prefer cars from the US, and some may prefer European cars. It’s important to do your research on which region your choice of car comes from.”

Brand choice: The second step would be to decide on your brand. Masud Karim says, “Japanese cars are usually preferred in Bangladesh, like Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. Cars from the US such as Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet can also be a good choice. But if someone has a fascination towards European cars such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, or Audi, these are also available in Bangladesh. The different models have different price ranges. Some cars can be for daily use while others, such as luxurious cars, aren’t advisable for the same use.”

Family size: The most basic thing you want to consider first is family size. If you have a big family, it is sensible to go for a big-sized car, like a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). But if you have a small family or are making the purchase solo, a normal sedan is a good option for you. Of course you can opt for big cars if you want to buy one. “The choice of car depends on the gender, age, and occupation of the owner. For example, you simply can’t go to office in a howling car, it doesn’t look appropriate,” says Masud Karim.

Tax on cars: Different cars have different tax rates applicable to them. To be specific, a car with 1500cc capacity will have lower tax compared to a car with 2000cc capacity. It is important to analyse which car will be cost-efficient since a car is a big investment.

Mileage matters: If you are opting to buy a reconditioned car, knowing the mileage is significant. This means you must know how many miles the car actually ran in the city of import. The lesser the mileage, the better for you. Also, if you want to buy a brand new car, the mileage should be zero.

Kilometres per litre: The next thing under mileage that matters is the distance that the car can cover per litre. A car that runs fewer miles per litre would definitely be an overall costly purchase. An efficient car would travel more miles per litre. On this matter, Masud Karim says, “A car with a higher cc means it has more power and consumes more fuel. This is a very important factor to consider.”

The look book: We all want to buy a car which looks good. Let’s start with the colour of the car! You can never go wrong with light colours. White, silver and other light colours are easy to take care of (due to dust, etc). On the other hand, metallic colours have a more difficult upkeep. Masud Karim says, “Flashy colours like black stand out pretty significantly. But this also depends on the owner’s comfort zone. I would advise buying light colours as our streets are pretty dusty.”

Resale value: No one wants to buy a car only with the intention of selling it. But this is actually an important factor to consider. You would want to buy a car which has a good resale value. If you ever decide on selling your car, you do not want to face the problem of not being able to sell it just because it isn’t efficient enough. Buying a car is an investment and just like any other investment, you, as a buyer, should consider the resale value too. Md. Shadiqul Mostuk says, “Brand new cars have better resale value than reconditioned cars.” This is one point to keep in mind while considering the resale value.

Car parts: Another important thing that buyers overlook is car part availability. Most cars look attractive but if something happens to your car or you want to make a modification, the availability of the car’s parts is important. The hassle of having to import car parts if they are not available in Bangladesh readily can be quite costly. Car parts of luxurious cars usually face lack of abundancy in Bangladesh. “Most parts of my car, Mitsubishi Lancer, are difficult to find. Hence I have to get them imported,” says Ashiqul, 24, a car enthusiast.

Fuel emission: You might also want to consider the environment for a change. If you are actually concerned about the environment, you might want to pick a hybrid car for purchase. Hybrid cars are more beneficial than normal gasoline-powered cars. They have better mileage and run on twin-engine. This means they have a gasoline engine and electric motor, which reduce its fuel consumption.

Car documents: And lastly, you must be aware of the fact that papers need to be reviewed every year. This includes insurance papers, tax token and fitness papers. Your car needs to be up to date with the required documents or else you’ll be stuck on the streets dealing with police officials. On the topic of car documents, Md. Shadiqul Mostuk says, “When you buy a brand new car, the registration cost and road tax are less.”

Buying a car can make you feel independent and make travelling easier. “I was always into cars! People who are thinking of buying a car are making the right decision given they have considered all the factors. While travelling on the streets of Bangladesh, having a car, whether reconditioned or brand new, is necessary. However, I wish the traffic system was better,” says Ashiqul.

These tips should give one good insight into the factors to be considered when buying a car.

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