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  • Step into the boots of a pro footballer

    New Star Soccer may not look the part, but it is one of the best sports RPG’s you can play on mobile. In it, you step into the shoes of a 16-year-old footballer and lead him through his entire footballing career.

  • To-doing Gets Better

    Platform: Android, iOS, Windows Rating: 4.6/5 in Google Play and App Store

  • Grow a habit

    Whether it is something as simple as reading a book or something that requires a bit more stamina like taking morning walks, building up a habit can be a difficult task which requires a lot of patience and dedication, and a little bit of your time each day.

  • Your password in safe hands

    How secure is your online presence? From websites to mobile apps, security breaches are seen almost every other day and vital information is compromised. Under such circumstances, you cannot afford to use weak passwords, that too for all of your accounts.

  • 2D Tanks of Carnage and Fun

    Tank Stars is a turn-based 2D platform game by Playgendary where you make two 2D modelled tanks battle out in a satisfyingly destructible environment. Tanks can be moved horizontally only and you aim by setting the position, angle and power of the shot.

  • Not-Scrabble, with Acquaintances 2

    In an age where people are increasingly moving away from board games, I would call myself a scrabble dealer. I’ve had to resort to strangers online, which is never a good decision, except in the case of Words with Friends.

  • The Spooky, The Scary & The Downright Hilarious

    Tired of reading the same old stories of love, crime, why marketing is the ‘best course for students ever’, and generally twisted made-up tales? Do you want to spice your reading experience up with horror and ‘horror’ stories? Here is the perfect free app for you.

  • Not your clue to remember

    Clue is a period tracking app that allows its users to track their menstrual cycle at a few clicks. This app does not use the euphemisms of pink colour or the symbol of a butterfly or a feather to symbolise its female user base.

  • A year's story, told in pixels

    This app is basically a digital bullet journal with a rating of 4.8 on Google Play, so you know it's good. It helps you record your moods each day, throughout the year. It's also cute and pretty aesthetic too.


    Your Hour is an app that can monitor the amount of time you spend on your phone.

  • For the love of killing time

    My wisdom tooth pain wouldn't subside at any cost. Helpless and miserable, I discovered the game and went about playing it for hours.

  • Be careful, it bites!

    Puzzle games and mind benders are fun and all in a methodical manner, but there are moments when we merely want pure fun. That is what Hungry Shark World gives you.

  • Mouth to Words

    Audio recording apps are extremely handy, whether you're a student in school or university, or even a professional trying to keep track of meetings.

  • Manage your finances on the go

    Money Manager, as the name suggests, is an application that helps you track your financial activities. The app has one of the simplest user interfaces I have ever seen and that's what makes it easy to use. People of all age groups can efficiently track their financial records with this app.

  • Todoist - Your Life Together

    Todoist is unlike any other app in the productivity category. Traditionally Todoist can be deemed an organisational or task management app, which helps you add and keep track of all your important tasks.

  • Do you know your plants?

    PlantSnap is a plant identifying application that can recognize all kinds of plants, flowers, leaves and even mushrooms. It uses your phone's camera to

  • Writer

    Writer is a simple app meant for writing pretty much anything. It has a 4.1 rating on Google Play and works both on phones and tablets.

  • Keeping up with your diet and health

    Lifesum is a health and fitness app for your device which lets you keep track of your diet and exercise routine. It has a sleek and friendly user interface which is easy to use for people of all age groups.

  • Turn your phone into a Canvas

    With Canva, you can create amazing designs with much ease and simplicity right on your mobile phone. The app has a simple and easy to understand user interface

  • Musicana a poor man's Spotify

    The future of music, for general listeners, is in streaming. With the rise of platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, storing music on ones devices has become a thing of the past.

  • Tuning your guitar

    A tuner is one of the most important utilities a guitarist needs. It doesn't matter if you are an amateur or a professional, carrying a tuner never hurts and it is always wise to do so. GuitarTuna is one such app which allows you to tune your guitar into perfection.

  • Three functionalities, one app

    By taking just one picture, the 'Translator Foto Scan' app can provide you with three unique yet necessary functionalities that are sure to make your academic or professional life much easier.

  • Quick, note it down

    If you ever feel the need to note down anything but you don't have access to pen and paper, you can simply do the task with your smartphone.

  • The Swiss army knife of file sorting and sharing

    If you're familiar with SHAREit, then Files Go by Google won't be complicated for you to understand. However, Files Go has a lot of extra features which make it a must have for anything file related. More than just being a file sharing app, it's also a free space tracker, a junk cleaner and an unused applications identifier.


    A game where you drive around in a car is not what you'd think about when you want a game to play when you're standing in queue wondering what's taking them so long.


    If any of you want to up your Instagram game, be it your stories or posts on your feed, the app “90s - Glitch VHS & Vaporwave Video Effects Editor” is what you need. It can be used to edit photos to make mini videos from 1-10 seconds and can also be used to edit actual videos.

  • The ultimate mobile office suite

    While Google have perfected a lot of things, an all-in-one office suite is certainly not on that list. Almost all Android users have gone through the ordeal of trying to use Google's office apps as their daily driver and ended up downloading Microsoft's apps instead.

  • The Instagram for writers

    Have you always wanted to become an Instagram specialist but failed at it because you are more of a writer than a photographer? This app was made for you.

  • Making vintage memories

    Are you tired of the same old filters and Prisma effects you use to beautify your photos? Do you have a certain kind of love for poorly taken and blurry photos, which you don't have the heart to delete? Here's an app to help you with all your hipster issues.

  • Nothing Special about this Shooter

    Ready Steady Bang is a Western themed point and click shooting game. You stare your enemy down from one end of your screen as the timer counts down from five.