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  • When everything is black and white

    VOI is a minimalistic puzzle game that will drive you insane. There are 88 levels and on each, you are given a seemingly simple shape to recreate using other shapes.

  • The perfect app for future singers

    Do you like listening to your own voice? Have you been trying to turn your phone into the condenser microphone you can't afford?

  • For stories that are worth reading later

    Have you ever come across a gigantic article that you would've loved to come back to later? Want to read something online but can't due to the sub-par Wi-Fi connection at your grandma's place? Pocket is there to help you with all these problems.

  • The Void

    The Void

  • 2d Badminton To Get You Through Boredom

    I remember downloading Badminton League last winter because I was bored and too lazy to go out and play some real badminton. As unhealthy as my reasoning may be, the choice was a good one because this is the middle of summer and I still play it when I'm bored.

  • Track your menstrual cycle

    Eve is a tracking app that allows you to keep records of your due dates every month. The app helps you understand your menstrual cycle, giving you an idea on the different phases your body goes through each month. This can especially come in handy when you forget your due dates or need to know if the tides have arrived on

  • Merriam Webster

    Finding a dictionary app with most of the features you need is difficult. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, however, is an app that solves every avid bookworm's problems about finding a good dictionary app.

  • Find the words

    Are you tired of playing boring games on your phone to avoid socialising with your annoying younger cousins who want to play with you during Eid parties at a relative's house? Well here's yet another one for you.

  • Socratic

    Socratic is a free-to-use app which can answer your questions at the click of a button.

  • The only football app you'll ever need

    With the World Cup right around the corner, Sofa Score is a must have for staying up to date with all the games. You can set matches as favorites so the app can notify you about matches from beforehand.