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  • Mafia Definitive Edition: Great game or wasted potential?

    The original Mafia game released back in 2002 was definitely one of the best games of the Pentium era.

  • Old games, new fun

    The enthusiasm for board games creates a sense of nostalgia in everyone. While newer generations tend to grow up with technology and video games, the capability to enjoy classic board games can only incite joy, and keep the love going.


    Strategy games are of many types, some are fast-paced and have an instant response, and some drag on for quite a while.

  • CoD Mobile An instant classic

    Those who are into shooters had a Call of Duty phase in their lives at some point or the other.

  • CRICKET 19: The Best a Fan Can Get

    After the massive disappointments that were Don Bradman Cricket 17 and Ashes Cricket (2018), I decided not to buy a Big Ant cricket game anytime soon.

  • Petscop: The game that never existed

    With tons of content relating to conspiracy theories meandering through YouTube’s algorithm, one would be tired from binging through all the questionable and sometimes dubious stuff that float around your suggested videos.

  • Battle Field V What a turnaround

    Nowadays in the world of video games, betas are pretty much fully representative of the final product. Battlefield V turned out to be an exception. Once I got into my first multiplayer match, things felt really different. But did it change for the better? Or did DICE track back on some good gameplay mechanics?

  • The Sims Gateway to Fantasy

    One could say The Sims games are on another calibre entirely from most life simulation games. Not only were they one of the firsts, but their gameplay is diverse and distinct.

  • Improved visuals but at what cost?

    From the ancient Java/Symbian era to the current smartphone era, the Asphalt franchise has been the definitive racing experience for mobile gamers. Most noteworthy among the Asphalt games is Asphalt 8 (2013), a game that pushed the limits of smartphone hardware while providing a gameplay experience many believed had no more room for improvement.

  • Chicken dinner goes mobile

    From the title, you already know what game I'm talking about. PUBG is the pioneer of battle royales, and now in a surprising move it's available on Android and iOS as well. Since March 19, 2018, PUBG Mobile has graced the smallest screen while retaining much of its original charm.

  • SHOUT Picks - Games that got ported to mobile

    Mobile gaming has long been the awkward cousin of the gaming world; y'know, the one who everyone avoids at family gatherings. However, recently it has improved quite a bit. So much so that its rosters include more than “Clash Royales of Clansmen”, and feature classics from consoles and PC. The following are some of the more notable entries.

  • The Behemoth Challenge

    The fascination behind the hunting genre, established by Monster Hunter titles, has always been spearheaded by the Japanese market. However, with western releases, the genre created a loyal international following soon enough. Dauntless is the latest attempt at trying to scratch that hunting itch.

  • 5 Unique Games for Android

    Mobile gaming often comes under fire for being repetitive cash grabs. With so many Clash of (insert buzzword) floating around the Play Store, it's hard to not think that gaming on Android is just a saturated mess. But I was pleasantly surprised with a couple of games, even more so because of the fact that they are available for free and on mobile.

  • Evolution of Pokémon over the years

    Pokémon has come a long, long way. What started out as a small troubled production of an innovative, bold idea that had no guarantee of success is now a worldwide brand and a household name so strong your mom calls any monster-looking thing Pikachu.

  • The best Far Cry game in a while

    When we think about Ubisoft titles, a few preconceived notions pop up. Some people refer to them as “tower climbing simulators.” Some people think the vast open worlds are just filled up with mundane activities. Well, suffice to say, Far Cry 5 not only puts those concerns to rest, but it also serves up some of the most organic emergent gameplay ever found in a sandbox shooter.

  • Are you not entertained?

    Domina is a gladiatorial management sim where you train and house a bunch of gladiators to fight for you in The Pits or the Colosseum. That's pretty much it. Oh and your gladiators have permadeath of course, so don't get attached to the 650HP Thraex that's going to die to a 400HP Murillo.

  • Siege and zombies Does it make sense?

    March 6, 2018 saw the release of Operation Chimera, the latest expansion of the popular online tactical shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege. Along with a whole new game mode, the expansion brought with it two new Attacker operators that are immensely meta-breaking. So how does Chimera fit into the established formula of Siege?

  • Why you should play Monster Hunter: World

    If you're looking for some of the best emergent gameplay to be experienced on home consoles (as of writing this article), then look no further than Monster Hunter: World (MH:W). Still not convinced?

  • A few steps forward, a hundred backward

    Even though Don Bradman Cricket 17 was a major disappointment, I was willing to give Big Ant cricket games another chance when Ashes Cricket was announced with fully licensed Australia and England teams.

  • Total Carnage

    There is a famous story behind the making of Robotron 2084, the infamous arcade game which provides the clear inspiration for Nex Machina.

  • Motorcycle combat done (almost) right

    The motorcycle combat genre was first popularised by the Road Rash franchise in the 90s. However, no game could do justice to the genre after the discontinuation of the franchise.

  • A game about hacking and punching

    A game about hacking and punching

    Gunpoint is one of those titles indie gaming fans live for. It's a short stealth-puzzler that oozes charm. Made singlehandedly by Tom Francis, this 2D side-scroller came out in 2013 but most people don't keep up with indie releases so it fell through the cracks.

  • The dying franchise comes back to life

    The franchise Assassin's Creed, with its then-fresh premise, revolutionary gameplay and intriguing storyline, had found its place in gamers' hearts (and hoodies, backpacks, and just about any merchandise imaginable!).

  • Great game, not so great sequel


    The Wolfenstein franchise has been around since the '80s and is renowned for its unique blend of gore and alternate history. 2014's The New Order took things up a few notches by packaging all of that in a more cinematic

  • A Potential Masterpiece

    Piranha Bytes' new release, Elex, manages to disappoint but at the same time engross the players over an unforgettable experience. In spite of all the shortcomings, it manages to be one of the most immersive experiences one can ask for.

  • A Unique MOBA Experience

    Even though it's no secret that the MOBA scene is currently oversaturated with uninspired and corny Dota 2 and League of Legends clones, there are still many viable alternatives to those who don't want to spend an entire hour for one match filled with flaming and toxicity.

  • More of the same - But that's not a bad thing

    When Shadow of Mordor launched, everyone expected it to be one of those bad spin-off video games of a popular franchise. But everyone, including myself, was pleasantly surprised as it turned out to be one the best games of 2014.

  • The attacking player's FIFA 18

    The attacking player's FIFA

    With a new season, comes the next installment of the iconic EA Sports franchise, FIFA. The hype surrounding FIFA 18 has been massive! A viral marketing campaign along with a couple of eye-catching features helped promote the game well and generated a significant pre-release expectation.

  • Get your rank up in Rainbow Six: Siege

    Sticking to Casual Mode because you get #rekt in Ranked? Tired of seeing your friends rake in the points while your rank dwindles? Follow these tips and you'll become a ranked pro in no time.

  • Stop making these Overwatch mistakes

    Overwatch draws heavily from arena shooters, coming from a background of Quake III, Unreal Tournament and AssaultCube, I slid right into the metagame.