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The wholesome menu


Entry fee: BDT 50. An additional fee of BDT 25 will be charged for every 5 minutes you spend at the restaurant after you are done consuming your food.


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Exquisite Seeds between Tender Meat: A plate containing 5 pieces of the most succulent jackfruit. The seeds of the fruit are replaced with chocolates, nuts, and dates. The whole dish is then coated with Austrian caramel to give it additional sweetness. Price: BDT 449++

Eto Nachos Keno: Enjoy a plate of crispy nachos loaded with cheddar cheese, meat, olives, and leftover salsa from our previous day of service. Price: BDT 449++

Nutted: A bowl of salted nuts, generously coated with toppings of your choice. Toppings include sugar, butter, banana, chili sauce, and egg yolk. Price: BDT 299++


Plain Dal Soup: Enjoy it with a plate of rice; it’s dal. Enjoy it in a bowl with a spoon; it’s soup. Our plain dal soup is enriched with rare spices from the subcontinent and its flavour is enhanced through the addition of mustard seeds. Price: BDT 299++


Elachi ft. Biryani: Discover the true taste of the sub-continent in our special elachi platter with a bit of biryani in it as well. Cooked using the finest aromatic rice in the market, our biryani enriched elachi platter is the dish you would want to eat for the rest of your life. Price: BDT 599++

Steak: Order yourself the luxury dish—a juicy steak. The meat is procured from our farm-grown cows and then dry aged for over a couple of months before being processed to serve your taste buds. Don’t worry, because we only serve well-done, not any of that rare or medium-rare stuff, because we know that unlike our cows, our customers are not that well-cultured. Price: BDT 1599++

Chef’s Special: Depends on our head chef’s mood, to be honest. On a good day, he will feed you the best he has to offer. On a bad day, however, you would wish you weren’t hungry. Price: Negotiable++


Sugar cubes: Simple, yet satisfying. Price: BDT 99++

Chocolate mousse: Experience the richness of chocolate in our special chocolate mousse. A dark chocolate base is layered with white chocolate, followed by another layer of milk chocolate and finally topped off with a thin layer of cookie crumbs. Price: BDT 399++


Filtered Water: A glass of water, purified using UV and reverse osmosis process, served in a glass of your choice, with your favourite Snapchat filter imprinted on the glass body. Complimentary ice cubes will be served alongside the drink. Price: BDT 149++

Glittering Water: Water purified using UV and its temperature lowered to 10 °C. It is then mixed with shards of colourful glitter crystals, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. The drink is then allowed to settle in a 19th century copper vessel after which it is mixed with Peruvian Naga sauce. Price: BDT 329++

Eau de Sucre: Boiled water sweetened with Irish sugar in appropriate amounts. The blend is then mixed with imported mouthwash to give you a cool taste in the summer. Price: BDT 329++

Blue Lemonade: Your everyday lemonade just got a whole lot cooler. We use handpicked lemons from the magical gardens of Dinajpur to give you a refreshing glass of lemonade. After squeezing the lemon juice into the glass, we add a drop of indigo dye to make it go blue. Price: BDT 199++


Multi-coloured Chai: A rich blend crafted from the finest tea leaves from the owner’s rooftop garden, mixed with fifty shades of orange, yellow and red to give the tea and appealing colour. Best enjoyed with our handmade cookies. If you are a tea lover and you haven’t tried this, you are missing out on everything life has to offer. Price: BDT 249*

Masala Chai: The perfect blend prepared from the finest tea leaves. Our masala chai is the perfect combination of milk tea and spice. Choose from a wide range to spice up your tea. Flavours include rose, elachi, cinnamon, halim, red chilli, turmeric, and paan. Price: BDT 299++

Cold Tea: Steak isn’t the only thing we keep in the freezer and forget about. Sometimes, we do that to our tea, and it tastes jolly good once it’s out. Did we keep it yesterday, or the day before that, or last year—who knows? Price: BDT 299++

*For an additional amount of BDT 99, we’ll serve the tea/coffee in a proper ceramic cup with a saucer instead of a plate.


A 250ml serving of a carbonated beverage of your choice inside a 500ml glass where the rest of the volume is occupied by ice. Price: BDT 149++

**Prices are subjected to 15% VAT, 10% Service Charge, 10% Air Conditioning Charge, 5% Decoration Charge, 5% Sitting Charge, and an optional 2.5% for the Wi-Fi password.

***The water bottle stationed at your table is for decoration purposes.

****Our food, however, is made with love and for that, no charge.


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