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  • The Need to Revise How Gender-based Violence is Reported

    Why should rapists not be the subject for a crime they committed?

  • The Fight Against Patriarchy Doesn’t Stop With Female Leaders

    Are the goals of feminism achieved by putting more women in leadership roles?

  • It’s time we stop with the sleazy marketing

    Over time, some ads on social media have become distasteful.

  • HSC 2020 Results: The Fallout

    Competition for a spot in public universities is going to be more intense than ever.

  • Cringe Culture and the Case of Fashion Elitism

    Cringe: the monosyllabic word that determines what's socially acceptable and what's not.

  • My problem with Facebook’s Haha react

    The "general sentiment" of a post becomes something of a joke within a few minutes.

  • The Misogynistic Hypocrisy around Smoking

    Why is it that there is a kind of hypocrisy among people when it comes to women smoking?

  • Sex ed should be taught in schools. Here’s why.

    At school where we can learn all about the planet, the solar system and our economy, why can't we learn about our own bodies?

  • No science, arts or commerce in secondary education: A good idea?

    The new curriculum subjects include Life and Livelihood, Digital Technology, Well-Being, and Art and Culture, while all students will be required to study Science and Social Science.

  • We need to treat our female celebrities better

    I hold my breath anytime a female public figure announces her marriage, a bold new career move, or even states her opinion on a matter. Why?

  • The Flawed Ideology behind Coaching Centres

    When students leave school simply to pursue an education with help from coaching centres, it has the potential to become quite an unpleasant situation.

  • Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: The Hero We Needed

    Patriot Act brought about something extremely important to the youth: relatable and reliable political commentary.

  • It's time to #PayUp

    The refusal to accept accountability and pay their dues ends up hurting the people of colour who work at their supplier factories. This is why #PayUp has become a part of the outcry against racial injustice and a site of resistance against white supremacy.


    Why should my parents have to spend extra money for me to learn things that I’m already being taught at school?

  • The case for BOJROMUSHTI

    For the longest time, I used to be of the opinion that the only value old, mainstream Bangladeshi cinema had was in ironic viewing. B

  • The Horror Show that is FIFA 19

    Ever since FUT came into the picture, the game has been a $60 freemium game if not worse. Even if you buy the game at full price or more, there’s very little chance you’ll get to play with your favourite players in FUT unless you spend hundreds of hours grinding away


    In order for us to consider something to be true beyond reasonable doubt, we put it through a series of tests. This has also been the method we resort to when we need to prove the credibility of one’s knowledge.


    Contrary to popular belief, the customer is NOT always right. When communicating with businesses, some people forget one important detail: humans run the business. Can we forget common decency while talking to people just because they are labelled differently?

  • The (new) Jungle Book movie isn't kind to its tiger

    I was beaming when the word “Mowgli” floated up. Partly because I didn't know the remake had been in the works and so I didn't have to wait for the release; partly because it had ties with The Jungle Book. But I wasn't doing the same when it ended.

  • A way to evaluate student performance

    How do you measure a student's progress? Grades may not be it.

  • The Wizarding World before Harry Potter

    The wizarding world of Harry Potter is where many of us lost ourselves in growing up. It's difficult to express just how drawn in we were—I could never wrap my head around the genius that JK Rowling is and the world she had created.

  • The “I'm Not Like Other People” Syndrome

    Every so often, I'll conduct a purge on my social media platforms, just to clear out people that I never interact with.

  • Fake News and the Cult of Outrage

    Fake news was a phrase popularised by Donald Trump during his run for the US presidency in 2016. However, fake news is more than just a tool used to discredit or delegitimise the media for one's own agenda.

  • The Fault in Our Bookstores

    I don't remember the last time I could eye a book from my wish-list in the local stores. Novels by emerging voices, shortlisted for Man Booker, Pulitzer, and other prestigious prizes are barely seen.

  • The Jump from A Levels to Admission Season

    Remember the good old days after O levels when everyone used to tell you about A levels being the hardest obstacle you'll need to go through in life? I can almost hear you laughing in pain, fellow university admission candidates.

  • Job-shaming: it's too real

    Many of you reading this article will be graduates in the next couple of years. During that time, you'll see people from your batch getting great opportunities at the top companies. However, those positions are limited in number. So, the rest will have to miss out on those jobs.

  • How much is too much for the students?

    With results being politicised and the scrutiny and shame that follows, a walkthrough in the life of a Bangladeshi student in the current decade is probably one of the most challenging and daunting tasks that exists.

  • Driving is no child's play

    Oftentimes we find ourselves complaining as to why we should be restricted from doing certain things just because we are underage or do not have a documented right to do it yet.

  • How to smoothly transition from SSC to HSC

    For someone studying under the national curriculum, the Higher Secondary Certificate examination is undoubtedly the most pivotal one. With it being the last hurdle under the national curriculum and carrying significant weight in the admission process ahead, the preparation for it requires quite a bit of emphasis. While it is true that the experiences from multitude of public examinations preceding HSC help the examinee to be better prepared, the fact also remains that the shift from SSC and HSC is a huge one.

  • The normalisation of sexual violence

    For someone who falls asleep within seconds at any given time or place, there are very few things in the world that can keep me up at night. Coming across the disturbing image of a severed head is one way to kiss your sleep goodbye.