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    Ever since HBO turned George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones into a worldwide phenomenon, every major small screen combatant has

  • THE BOYS: A different side to superheroes

    Amazon Prime’s The Boys is an absolutely bonkers superhero show in the best way. From creators Garth Ennis and Derrick Robertson, The Boys is based around a group of vigilantes teaming up to take down a very mean version of the Justice League.

  • The Spanish Princess: A medieval fanfic

    ​The Spanish Princess is so fictional that it could be passed off as fanfiction written by some teenage girl whose namesake is the youngest daughter of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon,

  • Stranger Things Season 3: Older and bolder

    Even after two straight homeruns in previous seasons, my heart was beating real fast as I logged into my Netflix account,

  • HIGH SEAS More drama, less mystery

    Murders, family secrets, a wedding and a voyage - Netflix’s latest Spanish period drama ‘High Seas’ (or Alta Mar) (both dubbed and

  • Pretty “Good Omens”

    Good Omens is Amazon Prime’s six episode miniseries adaptation of the 1990 novel of the same name by renowned fantasy authors Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

  • Why Riverdale should be cancelled

    I used to love Riverdale once. But now, I am a very disappointed fan. The show had something unique about it that we had not been exposed to before.

  • Less love, more robots

    In recent years, anthology TV series have been slowly climbing back into popularity. We've seen the extreme levels of popularity Black Mirror generated, and now a reboot of the Twilight Zone is in the works.

  • Interactive shows

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch introduced the world to a completely different form of media consumption, as compared to more traditional media.

  • Truly appreciating Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    If Brooklyn Nine-Nine were a person, it would be an awfully introverted one at first who'd need few getting-to-know sessions until it unmasks to become this completely awesome human being who you'd grow so attached to that you'd not know how to let go.

  • 5 hilarious sci-fi TV shows

    Nobody ever sets out to make a sci-fi TV show without wondering if they can live up to unrealistically high expectations that come with the genre — high production elements like CGI, futuristic looking set design, etc. But some of these shows just can't even meet basic expectations and end up falling flat.

  • The wholesomeness we needed in our lives

    In a time when most popular shows are either dark or stranger than most things, comes a show that can easily brighten your day. The

  • The must-watch time travel thriller

    Dark is a German series from Netflix that will get you hooked immediately, make you constantly ask, “What the heck's going on?” and

  • Some More Menace in the Minnesota Snow

    Fargo is back at it again with what many believe is the last season to this subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) interconnected American black comedy-crime drama anthology series.

  • Tales of the Enemies of Rome

    The show's timeline spans from the ancient Roman Republic with the Second Punic War to the demise of the western part of Imperial Rome in the 5th century.

  • Nothing Matters in Sherlock

    The Sherlock Holmes stories are simple enough in subject matter: a detective, his friend, and the cases they solve and an arch-nemesis hovering in the background.

  • Stranger Things is 2016's Best TV

    As a 90s kid I view the 80s with distaste and bewilderment. By rights Netflix's Stranger Things, a love letter to that decade's America, should do absolutely nothing for me. And yet I love the show to teensy bits. How can such things be?

  • On Outcast, the Darkness is Inside Us

    Horror is one of the trickier genres to get right and Cinemax did it with Outcast. No small feat on the TV.

  • JFK Fan Gets Distracted by the 60s

    11.22.63 is a Hulu miniseries based on Stephen King's science fiction thriller “11/22/63”.

  • Lost & Found in Time

    We’ve all been fascinated with time in some point in our lives, and more often than not we’ve asked ourselves, “What if?”

  • Humour done right

    In a year like 2016, when I need my personal dosage of Tina Fey more than ever, what can be better than a perky, extremely original, whip-smart, and horribly funny sitcom created by her?


    In the first season of The Flash, Barry Allen “found who killed his mother and got justice for his father”. With both of his missions accomplished, it was really exciting to see what was next for the speedster.


    When I saw the trailers of The Night Manager, I was beyond thrilled. For starters, Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston make the most uniquely scintillating duo that my mind could conjure.


    Allow me to introduce Silicon Valley, HBO's sitcom revolving around the lives of a few tech geeks living together. Wait, haven't we already seen the like in The Big Bang Theory? Yes and no.


    When some of my most favourite sitcoms went off the air, a friend suggested I watch “Undateable”. And after I watched the first episode of the first season, I was hooked. A multi-camera sitcom made by Adam Sztykiel, this summer filler at NBC actually is more hilarious than many of its counterparts.