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Walkthrough of Celebrating Life 2018 Event

Walkthrough of Celebrating Life 2018

“Celebrating Life 2018” is a premier competition manifesting diversified submission of photographs, films and lyrics by the youth. Every year before the gala event

When Aly Zaker was possessed by Galileo's excellence Showbiz

When Aly Zaker was possessed by Galileo's excellence

His plan was to produce the play as a multi-group production funded by Goethe Institute, Dhaka but it somehow did not work that way. The gentleman left Bangladesh with huge frustration.

Pori Moni to Contest in the Upcoming Elections DESHI GRAPEVINE

Pori Moni to Contest in the Upcoming Elections

Actor Pori Moni has expressed her desires to contest in the upcoming Cholochitro Shilpi Samiti Election. Apart from acting, Pori Moni would like to stand beside her co-
  • Femme Fabulous: Shamim Ara Nipa

    Skin care is an integral part of her life among all the heavy makeup and over-use of cosmetics. So removing makeup thoroughly is a must for her in order to maintain

  • Suchanda: My Times of Allegiance

    Ever since there were cinema halls available for the commons' entertainment, I used to watch movies of Shuchitra Sen. With her magical charm and mesmerizing acting, she seemed somewhat like an angel from out of this world to me. But belonging to a conservative family, it was difficult to go to cinema halls frequently for

  • Life on the silver screen

    I have always prioritized efficacy of the character that I would be portraying in a project. I got plenty of offers of working in cinema. Sometimes I didn't have enough time, sometimes I didn't like the script, sometimes I couldn't appreciate the character I was offered to play on screen.

  • Debi

    In the film, Jaya Ahsan will play Ranu, Chanchal Chowdhury will play Misir Ali, Animesh Aich as Anis, Shabnam Faria as Nilu and Iresh Zaker as Ahmed Saber.

  • Radhika Apte's not-so-known married life

    They say married female actors lose their ground in Bollywood. This female actor has changed the scenario completely. The famous actor and Netflix queen Radhika Apte is married and little is the industry aware of it.

  • Fred & Kseniya The End Of Their Tale

    Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has filed for divorce from his wife, Ukrainian makeup artist Kseniya Beryazina Durst. They shared a married life of six years, which is now at the wreck.

  • New Team Behind 'Dostana' Sequel

    Recently, rumours surfaced that a sequel for the hit comedy Dostana was to be made. Now, reports are suggesting that the first film's director Tarun Mansukhani will

  • Ellen Pompeo to Leave Grey's Anatomy?

    Star of Grey's Anatomy Ellen Pompeo has hinted that she might be leaving the long time running show soon. She told Entertainment Weekly, “I'm clearly not prepared

  • Falling Down XXXTentacion and Lil Peep

    Falling Down, a track made by late rappers XXXTentacion and Lil Peep was released on September 19. Lil Peep passed away on November 15, 2017, due to a drug overdose.

  • Apurba's New Ad

    Popular actor Apurba will be seen in a ceiling fan advertisement on television soon. The ad has been produced by Rimon Mehedi. Tania Brishti has also been featured in the

  • Pori Moni to Contest in the Upcoming Elections

    Actor Pori Moni has expressed her desires to contest in the upcoming Cholochitro Shilpi Samiti Election. Apart from acting, Pori Moni would like to stand beside her co-

  • Popy's New Film

    Bangladeshi movie fans are familiar with the term 'cut-piece'. A film named Cut Piece is now being made highlighting this. Bulbul Biswas, director of the film Rajneeti is helming this film.

  • Poojs Passions

    Dance artist and choreographer, Pooja Sengupta is a ray of sunshine in the dance fraternity of Bangladesh. Her passion for dance kindled at an early age, which eventually turned into her profession. Her dance repertory group 'Turongomi', has left significant marks on both national and international platforms. In a recent interview with Rafi Hossain, Pooja Sengupta talks about her passion for dance and her inspirations.

  • Femme Fabulous: Esha Rushdi

    Skin care means a lot to Esha Rushdi but the routine of care is utterly simple. She has to put make up almost everyday as her place of work is itself the beauty industry.

  • Hasan Imam and Laila Hasan relationship

    53 years of unwavering comradeship

    They were part of the golden days of Film and Television. Hand-in-hand they have passed the golden jubilee of their marriage as well. Today with a cup of coffee, Hasan Imam and Laila Hasan is sharing the tale of their journey together in an interview with Rafi Hossain.

  • Dohon

    The Raihan Rafi directed film Dohon is set to be released on October 5th. The film stars Siam and Puja Cherry. This duo's first film, Poramon 2 was quite a hit after it was released last Eid-ul-Fitr.

  • Story of a Brazilian shepherd boy dramatized in Bangla

    Paulo Coelho in a note on his 1987-Novel The Alchemist, wrote—before the novel was translated from Portuguese to English—that he one day received a letter from HarperCollins that read, 'reading The Alchemist was like getting up at dawn and seeing the sun rise while the rest of the world still slept.

  • A man who's a mentor to many

    Harold Rasheed went to Wales for his schooling, he stayed in a boarding school all his life. He and his wife Shampa Reza were decided that their sons were not to be sent off to boarding schools. With his sister Leapie on board , thus started the school in Sylhet named AnadaNiketan. The students were their two sons, Leapie's daughter and Ryan and Shameem's son Sabeth. By year 2001 Anadaniketan was well established as a school in Sylhet.

  • Milon in the Spotlight

    I started performing in theatre in 1983. The name of my theatre group was Artonad. Back then becoming a professional television artist was unthinkable.

  • Bachelor Winter Games couple falling apart

    With videos and lengthy posts on Instagram, Lily McManus and Courtney Dober have declared the end of their relationship. They were together even after the show wrapped but now they are calling it quits.

  • There is no beef or drama – just evolution

    The news is not so good for CNN reporter cum host Van Jones as his married life lies on the verge of ending. Jana Carter, his wife has filed a divorce in L.A. County Court recently which marks the end of their almost 13-year-long conjugal life.

  • Ravi Shastri-Nimrat Kaur relationship

    Ravi-Nimrat: Hooking up or Breaking up?

    Yet another Cricket-Bollywood bang. And when there's Ravi Shastri on the headlines, it gathers some extra attention. Speculations of Ravi and Nimrat Kaur being together is up in the air for quite a long time now.

  • Cardi B Vs. Nicki Minaj?

    The tension between rapper Cardi B and her rap nemesis Nicki Minaj escalated at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS Party on 7th September at New York City.

  • Salman Khan lashes out at Priyanka Chopra

    Even though Bharat director, Ali Abbas Zafar took Priyanka Chopra's exit from the film well, the same cannot be said for the film's star, Salman Khan.

  • Anthony Bourdain Wins Emmy Posthumously

    The late Anthony Bourdain won two Emmys posthumously. He received the Emmys for his CNN travel and food series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

  • Jaya Ahsan Explored Bhawal Gor

    Jaya Ahsan's next film, Ek Je Chilo Raja is based on the Bhawal case. To do this film, Jaya flew to Kolkata. The film, also starring Jishu Sengupta is set to be released on October 12th.

  • Indraneil Sengupta Joins Nandini

    Kolkata and Bollywood actor Indraneil Sengupta is joining the cast of Nandini as the lead actor. A few years back, he debuted in Bangladeshi movies with the film Chorabali.

  • Anju Ghosh and Ilias Kanchan

    They Met After 23 Years

    After almost 22 years, Anju Ghosh returned to Bangladesh. On 9th September, she went to FDC; there she met Ilias Kanchan after 23 years. Beder Meye Josna, which was directed by Tojammel Haque Bokul was released in 1989. The film made Anju Ghosh and Ilias Kanchan superstars. It is still the most successful Dhaka film. It helped Anju and Ilias form a

  • Tagore 20th Century Bard in His Prime

    Star Melodies hosted Tagore- 20th Century Bard in His Prime on September 9. The event was held at The Daily Star-Bengal Arts Precinct. Star Melodies is an initiative of The Daily Star, to help promote Bangladeshi music.

  • Femme Fabulous: Tania Ahmed

    Tania believes having clean skin is very important. Therefore, she tries her best to keep it as clean as possible. She uses the Boots Essentials Cucumber Cleansing Lotion to cleanse her skin.