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Want to know more about gut health for your kids?

What if I tell you that in our body, there exist trillions of beneficial microorganisms? Not only do they help us digest food, but they also play essential roles in boosting mental and physical...

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Waterborne diseases and water supply

For good health continuous access to a safe water supply is mandatory. Sometimes, supplied water contains dirt and other impurities that is not drinkable. In most tested cases, drinking water is...

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Protein from the liver may cause Alzheimer’s disease in the brain

The liver’s amyloid protein can promote brain dementia, reports PLOS Biology. The data show that the liver may play a significant role in the initiation or progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

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International experts outline diabetes remission diagnosis criteria

People with type 2 diabetes should be considered in remission after sustaining normal blood sugar levels for three months or more, according to a new consensus statement from the Endocrine Society,...

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WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us a shared experience that shows how interconnected our lives are and how public health depends on


Can a salt substitute lower the incidence of stroke?

Reducing dietary sodium, in combination with increasing dietary potassium, can lower blood pressure (BP) in some “salt-sensitive” people.

Children of mothers with diabetes during pregnancy have an increased risk of eye problems

A new study published in Diabetologia (the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes [EASD]) finds that mothers who have diabetes before or during their pregnancy are more...

Managing Dengue outbreak with COVID-19

When we all are struggling to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Dengue is an overburden for us. Since we must deal with the diseases, we need to know the prevention and management better.

Beaware of the conditions that look like anxiety

There are certain conditions that look like anxiety, but are some other diseases in fact. Often this drags us to dangerous, even fatal conditions sometimes. Let’s know some of these conditions.

Muscle and nerve pathology in patients with COVID-19

Neuromuscular complications have been reported in patients with COVID-19, but the effect of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) on nerves and muscles is unclear. To address this question,...

Reproductive health of men: Why is it important?

A man’s health before conception can distort sperm in such a way that it can affect his children’s health. This includes the father’s age, his habits — alcohol and drug use, smoking — as well as...

Dealing with the deadliest variant of COVID-19

COVID-19 has already made our life restricted, miserable and created a panic amongst us all. The Delta variant is a newcomer which started its devastating