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Proborton helps people in need
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Proborton helps people in need

Proborton, a social welfare organisation founded by Sabbir Khan Saim, ensures education and food security among underprivileged communities. Amid the coronavirus crisis, the organisation is distributing food, groceries and other relief materials to several vulnerable families across Dhaka. They have so far conducted two distribution events in the city, feeding over 350 people. In addition, they have also distributed groceries to 100 families.

  • Corona in Bangladesh: Ensuring authentic information on COVID-19

    To address the necessity and accessibility of verified information on COVID-19, four friends living in four different parts of Dhaka developed and launched ‘Corona in Bangladesh’, an online platform featuring a compilation of local and international from reliable resources, on March 21. Assembling updates through news reports and articles from World Health Organisation (WHO), Worldometer, Johns Hopkins University, IEDCR, and other such dependable news sources, this platform aims at raising awareness and reducing panic in Coronavirus pandemic.

  • A look at Tagore’s most memorable short stories

    On the occasion of Kobiguru Rabindranath Tagore’s 159th birth anniversary, let us take a look at some of his short stories, translated to English, that you can enjoy, as you self-isolate at this time.

  • CoronaCast: Raising awareness through researched content

    CoronaCast, a Facebook-based online platform initiated by five Bangladeshi students from the University of Oxford, shares just the right information on the novel coronavirus via LIVE sessions, every day. Initially, the team wanted to start a discussion based on valid and updated research, which is important for COVID-19, as it is termed to be a novel virus, and research on it is still on at the preliminary level.

  • Courtyard Agriculture: An endeavour to support farmers

    The COVID-19 crisis has crippled entire systems, including the RMG and agriculture sectors. It appears that food safety will be a major challenge in the country, after the pandemic. In order to overcome this challenge, Alok Chandra Das, founder of Anushilon Mojar School, has taken an initiative to distribute free vegetable seeds and pesticides among the marginal farmers in his area, under the project, Courtyard Agriculture.

  • ISD celebrates ‘Virtual Book Week’

    As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, offices have switched to work-from-home and schools have moved to online classes. Economies around the world are coming to a standstill while numerous industries are falling apart, and the number of deaths continues to rise. In such circumstances, books can create a wonderful distraction to us. To enhance the impact of technology and books in our lives, International School Dhaka (ISD) organised Virtual Book Week for the Middle-Year Programme (MYP) students (Grade 6-10).

  • Moner Bondhu: Circle of empathetic listeners

    While the whole world is focused on the rapidly spreading coronavirus right now, there are a few other constant diseases we must not forget about. No matter how insignificant they may seem at the moment in comparison to the current pandemic, they are just as deserving of our attention. For some it is high blood pressure, while for others, it is diabetes. Then, there are the silent battles – depression and anxiety, to name a few.

  • The London School of Economics Master’s Awards (Up to £5,000 to £15,000)

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  • AMAL Foundation reaches underprivileged communities with ‘Rukhbo Corona’

    To help the underprivileged communities, AMAL Foundation, has been providing food and basic healthcare since the country went into isolation through their initiative ‘Rukhbo Corona’. It is a social organisation working to stop child marriage and domestic violence alongside providing free healthcare facilities in rural regions, founded by Esrat Karim.

  • Prochesta Foundation extends support to underprivileged communities amid coronavirus crisis

    The youth-led organisation, Prochesta Foundation, is distributing food and necessary goods to underprivileged communities, as the nation copes with the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, they provided aid to 1,000 low-income families in Tejgaon, Nakhalpara, Hatirjheel, Ashkona, Munshiganj Bedarpalli, Hazaribagh, Mirpur and three orphanages. Their packages are comprised of around 8,000 kg of rice, 3,500 kg pulses, 7,000 kg potatoes, 1000 liters of oil, 500 kg of salt, 2.000 bars of soap, 500 kg of onions, 3,500 eggs and other necessary items, which the families can utilise for around eight to twelve days. In addition, they have conducted cleanliness and awareness campaigns for 350 children. They are also carrying out awareness campaigns through phone calls.

  • Chittagong Grammar School celebrates Pohela Boishakh remotely

    Students, teachers and staff of Chittagong Grammar School (CGS) and their families celebrated the first day of the Bengali New Year remotely, singing the National Anthem in tandem with each other.

  • Peace Talk Café hosted online

    Peace Talk Café, presented by Digital Khichuri Challenge, hosted an online discourse with the youth on misinformation and hoaxes surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, recently.

  • Eco-Network helps hundreds

    Empty streets, closed shop doors and a few faces dwelling on the roads in masks-- this is how Dhaka, one of the busiest cities, looks in isolation. While most individuals employed in management and other official sectors are working from home at the moment, the daily labourers, who composite a large number of our population, such as rickshaw and van pullers, house maids, blacksmiths and potters are left jobless for several weeks now. To help them, Eco-Network, an organisation founded by 7 university students to conserve nature and rebuild our environment, has extended their work boundaries with few initiatives, which includes distribution of food and cleaning items to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • A young innovator’s tireless effort to curb the spread of coronavirus

    SM Anamul Arefin, a Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University graduate, has been working hard to manufacture reusable, plastic face shields, in a bid to prevent coronavirus infections.


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  • Mayor Atiqul Islam and BD Clean join hands to help people in need

    As a safety measure against the coronavirus pandemic, Dhaka has been in isolation since the past few weeks. While the educational institutes have suspended face-to-face classes, most offices have arranged work from home facilities for their employees. The labourers, who have to depend on their daily earning for survival, are currently in distress. Under such circumstances, BD Clean, a social organisation that aims to build a clean nation, in association with Atiqul Islam, the current mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation and his volunteers from the initiative, ‘Shobai Mile Shobar Dhaka’ have been distributing food packages to underprivileged communities in Dhaka from April 6.

  • Dhaka Youth Club and Mohajon Foundation’s Manobik Store for underprivileged families

    Dhaka Youth Club and Mohajon Foundation established the Manobik Store in Bongshal to help underprivileged families during the global coronavirus crisis. With the slogan, bhalo thakun, bhao rakhun, the initiative was funded from their own accounts and maintained by the members of the club and the foundation.

  • YY Goshti supports healthcare professionals amid coronavirus pandemic

    In these dire times, Bangladesh lacks proper healthcare equipment and necessary protective gear for doctors and other medical professionals.

  • Youths in Bogura raise awareness on coronavirus

    Offices, malls and educational institutions have been shut down across the country, in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Yet, many are unaware of such rigorous measures, especially social distancing. With an aim to raise awareness on the contagious virus, a group of young people from Bogura created a Facebook group, titled ‘Corona and Situation of Bogura’, last month.

  • JAAGO Foundation’s initiatives to help people in need

    Owing to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, a shutdown was announced in Bangladesh recently. This shutdown has taken a serious toll on the underserved communities.

  • Combatting Covid-19: Mission Save Bangladesh stands beside underprivileged communities

    As Bangladesh copes with the coronavirus pandemic with a shutdown, a large number of daily wage earners have lost their earning sources. These marginalised and underserved groups are barely getting by. Rikshaw pullers, technicians, plumbers, street vendors, and street food sellers among others are at vulnerable positions at the moment. Mission Save Bangladesh, in association with The Daily Star, Sheba XYZ and The Daily Samakal, took a commendable step to support these people.

  • Crack Platoon Transport Service starts off tomorrow

    A free transport service for caregivers, including doctors and nurses, will start operating from April 1 so that medical service providers can go to hospitals from their homes in a fast and convenient way, as Bangladesh copes with the coronavirus pandemic.

  • University students distribute groceries to people in need

    A group of university students have been distributing groceries amongst underserved communities in the capital, as of last week. The countrywide lockdown has brought hardships to families that live from hand to mouth. With Covid-19 crippling nations around the globe, as anticipated by economists, it is turning out to be a massive threat, expanding the economic inequality, putting the labour market under bleak circumstances.

  • Mentor Moshai steps forward with online lessons and awareness programmes

    Mentor Moshai is a development and lifestyle platform for children. With an aim of encouraging kids to be innovative, the team regularly posts content related to dreams, mental health, technology, communication, internet safety, cybercrimes, social studies, interactive quizzes, interesting facts about environmental and societal matters and answers to different questions starting with ‘why’. They share the content daily on their YouTube channel and Facebook page. Interestingly, all of their content creators are children.

  • Amidst shortage, institutes produce their own hand sanitisers

    In the face of a shortage of hand sanitisers amid rising fears of the coronavirus in Bangladesh, several leading universities produced their own hand sanitisers, not just to meet internal requirements, but also for distributing some for free amongst the masses. Before educational institutes were shut down owing to the pandemic, individuals from North South University, Independent University, Bangladesh, BUET, Dhaka University, Daffodil International University, Comilla University and Chittagong University produced their own hand sanitisers.

  • Star Youth comic for this week!

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  • Bidyanondo Foundation’s commendable steps to combat coronavirus

    A commendable initiative

  • Speaking for the voiceless

    Dr Md Luthfor Rahman, a veterinary surgeon at Central Veterinary Hospital and Afzal Khan, widely known as Robin Hood – The Animal Rescuer, recently raised awareness on the Coronavirus pandemic, and debunked some of the most circulated myths about the issue.

  • Youth Opportunities

    Bangladesh Prime Minister Fellowship Announcement 2020-21



  • Gorbomala The alphabets of pride

    Gorbomala is an interactive digital book that represents different aspects of Bangladesh, through the 52 Bangla letters. For example,