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    Russian cruise missiles target Syria

    Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea fire cruise missiles at targets near Aleppo on Friday, a further sign of Moscow's broadening military effort in Syria days after it began to fly bombing missions from an airbase in Iran.

  • Some unresolved issues

    Not only the ruling coalition and its main Opposition (which is outside the Parliament) contradict each other as to who have been killing writers, bloggers and freethinkers in the country, but some ministers of the coalition government also contradict each other in this regard.

  • Three journalists return to Spain after Syria kidnapping

    Three Spanish journalists taken hostage in Syria by an Al Qaeda-linked group return to Madrid where they were welcomed by overjoyed family members after nearly a year in captivity.

  • Terror in the East and West: Beyond Ankara, Lahore, Paris, and Brussels

    Although Islamist or separatist terror groups bomb and kill hundreds of people in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Turkey, or Afghanistan on a regular basis...

  • Saudi-Iran spat incites sectarianism

    The Arab Spring had deeply destabilised the Middle East. A new dimension was added to the existing instability on January 4, 2016, when the (Sunni) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) severed diplomatic ties with (Shia) Iran.

  • Laden's former bodyguard dies

    Nasser al-Bahri - Osama Bin Laden's former bodyguard - has died after a long illness, medical sources in Yemen have told the BBC.

  • Syria strikes 'will fuel extremism'

    Members of the US-led coalition against Islamic State call on Russia to cease air strikes they say are hitting the Syrian opposition and civilians.

  • US airstrike kills senior Al-Qaeda commander

    A United States air strike in Afghanistan killed a senior Al Qaeda commander in charge of suicide bombing and two other militants, the Pentagon says.

  • Bin Laden 'proof of death requested'

    Son of Osama Bin Laden asks the US for a death certificate for his father, according to the whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks.

  • What’s on Laden’s bookshelf revealed

    Laden was fixated on attacking US targets and pressured al Qaeda groups to heal local rivalries and focus on that cause,according to documents the US says were seized in his hideout in Pakistan.

  • German spy agency 'helped US find bin Laden': report

    Germany's foreign intelligence agency helped the CIA track down Osama bin Laden in Pakistan where US special forces killed the al-Qaeda leader, according to a German news report.

  • Iran's foreign policy ploys

    Iran has played the extremist card to the hilt and managed to run rings around the US that continues to suffer from a joint ISIS-Al Qaeda phobia...

  • UN assures India of Zaki-ur-Rehman release issue

    A UNSC committee assures India that it will take up the issue of Mumbai terror attack mastermind Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi at its next meeting.

  • Vatican link in 'al-Qaeda' arrests

    Suspected extremists being investigated in Italy over links to al-Qaeda may have been planning an attack on the Vatican in 2010, prosecutors say.

  • Hundred years of death, destruction and destiny

    THE centre of gravity shifts every few years. The shattered buildings look like real estate displays as if walls and roofs were

  • Gunmen

    Gunmen kill 20 labourers in Pakistan

    Gunmen have killed 20 construction workers in Pakistan's restive southwestern province of Baluchistan, shooting them at point blank range.

  • ISIS

    25,000 foreign fighters joined Islamic militants: UN

    According to a UN report, more than 25,000 foreign fighters have traveled to join militant groups such as al-Qaeda and Islamic State