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  • US President Donald Trump

    Trump to host Ramadan dinner Wednesday: CNN

    After cancelling the traditional 'iftaar' or Ramadan dinner last year, US President Donald Trump resumes the celebration of Muslim holy month by hosting a dinner at the White House on Wednesday, reports CNN.

  • pompeo, US-NKorea

    US vows to make NKorea rich if it gives up nukes

    The United States promises Friday that it would work to rebuild North Korea's sanctions-crippled economy if Kim Jong Un's regime agrees to surrender its nuclear arsenal.

  • Debunking America's populist narrative

    One does not need to be particularly good at hearing to decipher the dog whistles being used during this year's election campaign in the United States.

  • Why Trump?

    Some people run simply out of ego or greed. The publicity that attends a presidential bid can garner even a failed candidate a book contract, a television gig, or a well-paid speaking career (or perhaps all three). Trump ran on the basis of his celebrity.

  • The Strongman returns

    It should be no surprise to us that the political 'strongman' has resurged. The very word evokes images of a bare-bodied Vladimir...

  • The American Idol

    The Grand Old Party does not know how to stop Trump and it is their fault. Throughout history it's a party that has won elections mostly on anti-government rhetoric.

  • The chickens have come home to roost for the Republicans

    What a bizarre spectacle the US presidential primary campaigns are unfolding into! There is a lovefest among Democrats who cannot decide who they love more - Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

  • Politics as a reality show - The rise of Trump

    Donald Trump, the US real estate tycoon-turned-presidential candidate, topped himself not so long ago - no mean achievement - by outraging the entire world with his demand to ban the entry of Muslims into the US.

  • Demographics as Destiny: The Republican Conundrum

    The Republican dominance in the House has been fuelled by the spectacular rise of conservative media which directly helped the rise of the Tea Party movement, a grassroots, non-college white protest against President Barack Obama's healthcare programme.

  • What makes Donald Trump and his supporters tick?

    Americans vote for hope, not fear. Barack Obama's campaign was based on hope. Bill Clinton launched his campaign in 1992 from Hope, Arkansas, his hometown. Donald Trump's fear mongering may not work in the long term.

  • Donald Trump's America

    Donald Trump, the blustering billionaire who made a name for himself by proclaiming President Obama as a foreign born citizen...

  • Donald Trump does not know the world

    Donald Trump is full of ideas, but all his ideas are sadly full of it. This billionaire-turned-US politician has called China “the number one abuser...

  • Grading the Republican presidential candidates

    Fox Business Channel hosted the fourth Republican Presidential candidates' debate on November 10. Here is an assessment of the top five candidates...