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  • Banani fire victim

    'Pray for me'

    "There's a fire in our building. The flames are spreading fast. I do not know whether I will be able to get out. Tell everyone to pray for me...forgive me."

  • Banani FR Tower Fire Tragedy

    The last call

    It was lunchtime on Thursday and Polly Begum's phone was ringing. It was her husband Atiqur Rahman.

  • Banani Fire victim


    At least 25 people were killed and some 70 injured in Thursday's deadly fire that ripped through the 22-storey FR Tower in Dhaka's Banani area. All the bodies were handed over to the families and most of them buried yesterday.

  • FR Tower Fire in Banani

    Boy with the right attitude

    On Thursday, when fire fighters were struggling to douse the fire at FR Tower in Banani due to a scarcity of water, they often had to pause their efforts. One of the onlookers, a boy, noticed that a hose being used by the fire fighters was leaking, wasting water when each drop mattered.

  • Casualties could have been less if victims could use emergency exit of FR Tower; death toll rises to 25

    Nowhere to escape

    The emergency exit doors on several floors of FR Tower were locked, making the escape difficult for many after the fire broke out at the high rise on Thursday, said fire officials.

  • Culprits of Banani fire will be sued: Cops

    A case will be lodged against the culprits responsible for the Banani fire, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia says.

  • ‘There was so much smoke, could hardly breathe’

    One of the survivors of the FR Tower fire incident in Dhaka's Banani recounts the horrific experience she went through as she managed to make it out of the fiery chamber. Watch the Star Live video to know more.

  • Mostly onlookers, some of real help

    When the deadly fire was razing through the FR Tower in Banani yesterday, thousands of “over-enthusiastic” people poured into the Kamal Ataturk Avenue, giving the firefighters a tough time while running the rescue operation.

  • Crowds Hamper Banani Blaze Rescue Operation

    'Only two ways to escape'

    Exhausted and terrified, Saifur Rahman, employee of Amraa network office on the 17th floor of the 22-storey Faruk Rupayan Tower in the capital's Kamal Ataturk Avenue, sat on the pavement near the building.

  • The blaze at 22-storey FR Tower raged for 6 hours; death toll feared  to rise; at least 6 fell to their death; around 100 injured

    Banani Fire Kills 19

    At least 19 people were killed and around 100 others injured as a deadly fire tore through 22-storey FR Tower in the capital's Banani area yesterday.