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  • Japan loses track of $273mn black hole satellite

    Dozens of space scientists are desperately scouring the skies after losing track of a quarter-of-a-billion-dollar Japanese satellite that was sent to study black holes.

  • What would happen if Earth fell into a Black Hole?

    Black holes have for long intrigued the human psyche and have been a source of much excitement! And now that gravitational waves have been discovered, interest regarding black holes will surely grow even more.

  • Black holes can be spotted with backyard telescopes

    For decades, astronomers observe the space around black holes for the occasional flare of light, signaling that a cosmic feeding is underway.

  • 5 things Einstein got totally wrong

    Relativity is now a centerpiece of modern physics, the reason GPS satellites and mobile internet exist, and why Einstein is easily the most famous scientist in history.But Einstein made plenty of errors and oversights, and sometimes, he was flat out wrong.