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  • Brain stimulation treatments for depression

    The growing use of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) has increased the visibility and acceptability of nonsurgical brain stimulation approaches to depression treatment.

  • Proton cancer therapy 'proves effective'

    A cancer treatment at the centre of an NHS controversy in 2014 causes fewer side effects in children than conventional radiotherapy, according to new research.

  • Human brain’s ultimate barrier to open for first time

    This is believed to be neuroscience’s final frontier. Tiny bubbles will open the blood-brain barrier to sneak drugs into tumours – and we might treat Alzheimer's the same way, reports New Scientist.

  • Virtual reality ‘predicts Alzheimer’s’

    Alzheimer's disease can be detected decades before onset, using a virtual reality test, a study suggests.

  • How the brain purges bad memories

    According to the scientific american website, new research has identified a neuronal circuit responsible for the brain’s ability to purge bad memories, findings that could have implications for treating PTSD and other anxiety disorders.

  • Test your brain power

    What English word is always spelled incorrectly? Why can't you take a picture of a man with a wooden leg in Barisal? Test your brain power. See if you can answer these questions.