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  • Canadian hostage beheaded despite US$426k ransom

    On the day Canadian John Ridsdel, 68, was beheaded, a 20-million-peso (US$426,000) ransom had been raised for delivery to his Abu Sayyaf captors.

  • 4 killed in Canada school shooting

    Shots ring out at a school in western Canada, leaving four people dead and several others critically injured in the nation's worst such shooting in a quarter of a century. "Obviously, this is every parent's worst nightmare," said Prime Minster Justin Trudeau.

  • ‘Whiskey war’ for barren island!

    Canada and Denmark have been in an interesting 'whiskey war' since early 1930s over an uninhabited half-square-mile island that has no apparent natural resources, located far in the Arctic North.

  • Bryan Adams goes retro with 'Get Up' album

    Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams says his new album, "Get Up," is the ideal follow-up record to his iconic "Reckless" album of 30 years ago.

  • War Room tops American box office chart

    A movie about the power of prayer, made by Christian film-makers with an all-Christian cast, has gone to the top of the North American box office chart.

  • 10-year-old boy catches 220kg tuna

    A 10-year-old boy has caught a 220kg tuna off the coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada.