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  • It is premature to conclude that cell phones cause cancer

    The partial findings from a recent animal experiment conducted by the on rats and mice exposed to cellular telephone radiofrequency (RF) waves are too limited to interpret, reports Scientific American.com.

  • mobile internet user in bangladesh 15 crore

    Cell phone radiation increases cancers in rats

    Researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences have found that mice exposed to radiation similar to what people get from their cell phones, increases the chances of developing tumours.

  • Govt now moving for handset registration

    The government will be moving for cellphone or mobile handset registration across the country for what is said “foolproof security” measures.

  • 5 things to do when your phone is lost

    Losing your beloved cellphone is fairly common business in this city and it seems there are countless ways to lose your phone.The Daily Star interviewed tech experts and cops, who have advised on possible steps to take if you lose your phone.

  • How not to lose your phone in Dhaka streets

    As mobile phone snatching has become one of the most common crimes in the city, you never know when you will become the next victim. After questioning several snatching victims and the police, The Daily Star brings to you the best possible tips to avoid ‘mobile snatching’.

  • Android bug affects 'billion' phones

    A bug in the Android mobile operating system has been discovered by researchers, who say it affects nearly a billion devices.

  • Internet.org launched in Bangladesh

    Free internet access to selected websites is introduced in Bangladesh by Internet.org, a non-profit group that allows free online browsing through mobile gadgets.

  • Pakistan tightens cellphone control after Taliban massacre

    Pakistan government tightens cellphone control, making sure the name, number and fingerprints of Pakistani citizens are on record