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  • Mouhamad, a 40-year-old dentist and poet, lived in Aleppo, Syria. He witnessed a mortar attack that killed 27 persons in September 2012. UNHCR tells the story of the refugees escape to Greece

    Mouhamad’s journey

    Mouhamad, a 40-year-old dentist and poet, lived in Aleppo, Syria, for many years.

  • Migrant crisis: EU-Turkey deal is 'working'

    Last month's EU-Turkey deal on tackling the migrant flow has begun to produce results, a top EU official says.

  • Refugee conditions in Greece 'deteriorating': Angelina Jolie

    Hollywood star and UNHCR goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie visits a makeshift camp in Greece and says the refugees were stuck in a "deteriorating humanitarian situation" and needed help.

  • Over 131,000 migrants reached Europe by sea in 2016: UN

    More than 131,000 migrants and refugees reach Europe via the Mediterranean this year, more than the total number in the first half of 2015, the United Nations says.

  • Rescuers let 31 refugees drown in Aegean Sea

    A team of rescue workers watched as at least 31 refugees drowned in the Aegean Sea fearing being charged with people smuggling.

  • Alan Kurdi’s father's Christmas message

    Three months after the death of Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old who's body washed up on a beach, his Abdullah bears a Christmas message to the world.

  • Migrant crisis: Slovenia eases border restrictions

    Slovenia says it has allowed most of the 5,000 people who were stranded in wet and muddy conditions on its border with Croatia in the country.

  • Refugees split EU

    The welcome smiles of cheering crowds have started to wear off. Islamophobia has gripped Europe's Catholic societies. The influx of Muslim refugees has become a hot agenda for extreme right wing parties in Germany, France and Britain.


    Given the prominent roles these nations have in reducing the once thriving Middle Eastern country to rubble and displacing millions in the process, it is nothing short of hypocrisy for them to essentially demand refugees to respect their borders when they had no qualms about invading Syria's border.

  • Migrant crisis: Record number enters Hungary

    The number of migrants entering Hungary from Serbia hit a new record on amid tension in eastern Europe over how to deal with the crisis.

  • French consul ‘sold boats to migrants’

    France suspends the country's honorary consul in the Turkish port of Bodrum after a television report showed dinghies being sold to migrants from a shop that she owned.

  • The world wakes up to Aylan

    The picture of Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy whose body washed up on the shores of a Turkish beach, has recently caused outrage around the world.


    Although hundreds of nameless refugees from Africa and Middle East have perished in the Mediterranean in the last one-year, the world will never forget the image of the three-year old, cute and well-dressed Aylan Kurdi in a red shirt and blue pants, whose body was lying face down in the sand of Bodrum in Turkey.

  • Make Aylan's home safe

    What is the role of world leaders in the crisis? Instead of taking any effective initiative to stop the war, they are providing support to both the Syrian government and the opposition groups, militarily, logistically and diplomatically.

  • Hungarian camerawoman fired for kicking, tripping refugee

    A Hungarian camerawoman is fired after shocking footage emerged of her intentionally tripping refugees fleeing police near the country's border as she covered the crisis for a local news outlet.

  • Nilufer Demir who photographed drowned Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi.

    Sight of drowned Syrian boy petrified photographer Nilüfer Demir

    Photo-reporter Nilüfer Demir explains the moment she shot the picture showing a Syrian toddler’s lifeless body washing ashore Turkey’s Aegean coast.

  • An unmitigated humanitarian disaster

    Syrian refugees are crossing the Aegean in a bid to get to Europe and safety. They are pouring in through Greece, Serbia and Hungary, and countries that make up the European Union (EU) cannot agree on what to do with this sea of humanity.

  • Europe's response to the refugee crisis

    We welcome Europe's waking up to the realities of the ongoing migrant crisis that has stirred the human conscience.