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  • Childhood of Street Children

    Glue-sniffing: childhood lost on the streets

    Children huddled in a corner huffing plastic bags is a common sight in Dhaka. Though rehabilitation efforts are needed urgently, the authorities that should be concerned only seem to be shifting the responsibility from one to other, while the children continue to suffer on the streets.

  • Over 5m people living in extreme poverty: Minister

    At least five million people in Bangladesh are currently affected by extreme poverty, says Planning Minister MA Mannan.

  • Extreme poverty: Special measures or solved by growth?

    In material development terms Bangladesh has changed a lot, and has made much progress since I first arrived just over 44 years ago.

  • The price of non-governmental growth

    It is well known that since the 1980s, Bangladesh has made astonishing progress on a wide variety of development indicators such as reducing the prevalence of extreme hunger and poverty...


    The ultra poor generally do not own land and are caught in the low-wage activities of day labourers. They are on the brink of subsistence. And when you are struggling just to maintain your level of subsistence today, you do not have the luxury of worrying too much about—or saving for—tomorrow.

  • ‘Parliaments’ collaboration crucial for poverty-free S Asia’

    Collaboration among national parliaments is crucial in advancing the vision of a poverty-free South Asia pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), said Speakers of South Asian countries at a high-level meeting in Dhaka today.

  • Richest 1% own more than the rest of us: Oxfam

    The richest one percent of the world's population now own more than the rest of us combined, aid group Oxfam says, on the eve of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

  • Dr Mahabub Hossain

    Economist with a passion for the poor

    Dr Mahabub Hossain dedicated his life to understand and explain the dynamics of the agricultural economy of Bangladesh.

  • School dropouts high in Dhunat

    The Daily Star report that around 2,500 students have dropped out of school in the last three years in Bogra's Dhunat upazilla, due to extreme poverty and child marriage...

  • An end in sight for ultra poverty

    First, social protection programmes designed to offer protection (for example, from hunger), fail to offer the ladder (for example, jobs or livelihood) to climb out of extreme poverty. Second, it doesn't recognise that the ultra poor require additional guidance.

  • Extreme poverty 'to fall below 10%': World Bank

    For the first time less than 10% of the world's population will be living in extreme poverty by the end of 2015, says World Bank.