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  • Paris attacks may lead to US military anti-IS escalation

    Paris attacks seem likely to compel President Obama to consider military escalation against IS in Iraq and Syria. But that probably will not mean dramatic moves like launching US or international ground offensive or accelerating aerial bombing in hopes of eliminating the global threat of violent extremism.

  • Military police attacked at Dhaka checkpost

    An unknown assailant stabs a member of military police at Kochukhet checkpost in Dhaka. Confirming the incident, Syed Qaiyum Zaman Khan, deputy commissioner of Mirpur zone of police, told The Daily Star that a man has been arrested in this connection.

  • ISIS in Bangladesh: Contradictory messages deepen anxiety

    Siegfried O. Wolf, a professor of political science at the South Asia Institute of the University of Heidelberg, said that foreign intelligence agencies did withhold sensitive information from Bangladesh, fearing that it could be misused. The country is in the grip of extreme political polarization, he said, and there is factionalism and rivalry among security agencies.

  • 22 Shia marchers killed in Pakistan suicide blast

    A suicide bomber has killed at least 22 people taking part in a procession by Shia Muslims in southern Pakistan.

  • Fakhrul calls for unity against militancy

    BNP acting Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir calls for national unity against militancy and extremism in the country.

  • Combating extremism

    A recently organised seminar by this paper titled “Extremism and Challenges for Bangladesh” brought together security analysts, researchers and leading editors to discuss ways and means to tackle the threat extremism poses to the country.

  • US for joint efforts to address extremism

    US envoy Bernicat says 'we have everything we need' to fight the emergence of Islamic State in Bangladesh.

  • PM seeks global unity to address terrorism, extremism

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina seeks global unity to address terrorism, extremism in her speech at 70th session of United Nations General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York.

  • ‘Dhaka closely working with US to root out terrorism’

    Bangladesh is diligently working with the United States to root out violent extremism, says Bangladesh Ambassador to the US Mohammad Ziauddin.

  • The lure of extremism

    Muslim Bangladeshis living in the UK recently became a focus of interest to all Bangladeshis living home and abroad when the news of some young Muslims of Bangladeshi origin joining the so-called Islamic State in Syria/Iraq struck the front page.