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  • French police 'hero' dies of wounds

    A French policeman who was shot and stabbed after swapping himself for a hostage in a rampage and siege President Emmanuel Macron branded "an Islamist terrorist attack" dies of his wounds, becoming the gunman's fourth victim.

  • Nice lorry attacker 'researched route'

    The Tunisian man who carried out the lorry attack in the French city of Nice researched his route in the days beforehand, French media reports say.

  • France to honour Paris attack victims

    France is to hold a national memorial service for the 130 people who died in the Paris attacks two weeks ago.

  • Schools and metro reopen in Brussels

    The Brussels metro and schools are due to reopen after they were shut four days ago in a security crackdown following the Paris attacks.

  • Brussels shutdown as manhunt continues

    Terror alert led restaurants and bars to shut early amid fears of a Paris-style attack in Central Brussels. The manhunt continues for the fugitive Salah Abdeslam, who is thought to be armed with a suicide belt.

  • EU agrees to tighten borders after Paris attacks

    EU ministers agrees to get tough on border security after the devastating Paris attacks, as prosecutors said a third body had been found following a police raid on the ringleader's hideout.

  • Danger of chemical attack: French PM

    French PM Manuel Valls warns that France could face chemical or biological attack from terror groups, as MPs debate extending the state of emergency after the Paris attacks.

  • Paris attackers are 'psychopathic monsters'

    US Secretary of State John Kerry describes Islamic State (IS) militants as "psychopathic monsters" following Friday's deadly attacks in Paris.

  • Paris attacks expose failures, challenges for intelligence services

    France's security services are once again facing a harsh spotlight after failing to prevent the brutal attacks in Paris carried out by the Islamic State group.

  • Dozens arrested across France in raids

    A total of 23 people are arrested and dozens of weapons seized in a series of raids on suspected Islamist militants across France, officials say.

  • France bombs IS HQ, hunts attacker who got away

    France launches "massive" air strikes on the Islamic State group's de-facto capital in Syria, destroying a jihadi training camp and a munitions dump in the city of Raqqa, where Iraqi intelligence officials say the attacks on Paris were planned.

  • UK Muslims seek own path in countering jihadism

    Feeling unfairly targeted by the government's anti-radicalisation drive, Britain's Muslim community is rallying to find its own response to extremism and take a greater role in the fight against terrorism.

  • Clinton urges war on IS, not Muslims

    White House hopeful Hillary Clinton calls for global unity to crush the Islamic State group, as the carnage in Paris took center stage at Saturday's Democratic presidential debate.

  • Paris attacks kill at least 127

    At least 127 people are killed in multiple gun and bomb attacks in Paris. France declares national state of emergency and closes its borders after attack.