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  • Childhood of Street Children

    Glue-sniffing: childhood lost on the streets

    Children huddled in a corner huffing plastic bags is a common sight in Dhaka. Though rehabilitation efforts are needed urgently, the authorities that should be concerned only seem to be shifting the responsibility from one to other, while the children continue to suffer on the streets.

  • Children not even considered

    Beggars’ Rehabilitation: Govt failure writ large

    Feroz, 13, leaves Habib from time to time in his makeshift wheelchair outside the High Court Mazar gate and disappears into the distance. The young boy was hired seven days ago to wheel around Habib -- who earns his living by begging.

  • Flood-hit people's plight not over

    For the last 42 days, the Water Development Board's dyke has been Delwar Hossain's home.

  • Helping the homeless

    Veronika Scott, a design student finds a way to help the city's homeless: a coat which turns into a sleeping bag - which she wanted to employ homeless people to make