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  • India refutes Pakistan’s claim of PM Modi offering talks

    Pakistani Foreign Minister SM Qureshi claims that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an offer of talks in his letter to newly-elected Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. But Indian media reports citing sources that the letter written by PM Modi to his Pakistani counterpart was congratulatory in nature and contained no such proposal.

  • Can a no-trust motion breed confidence?

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced the first no-confidence motion on the floor of Parliament by the combined opposition yesterday (July 20).

  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

    Modi accepts Virat's fitness challenge

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi accepts the fitness challenge given to him by Indian Captain Virat Kohli on his twitter account.

  • Xi, Modi agree to reduce border tensions

    Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ends informal meetings with a promise to reduce border tensions after a high-altitude standoff in the Himalayas last year.

  • Modi lauds Hasina's leadership

    With parliamentary elections in Bangladesh just months away, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday threw his weight behind the government of Sheikh Hasina terming her leadership as “bold and courageous” in the “remarkable” socio-economic development of Bangladesh.

  • Yashwant Sinha quits BJP saying India's democracy in danger

    One of India's best known politicians, former finance and foreign minister Yashwant Sinha, quits the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party is undermining democratic institutions.

  • India Prime Minister Narendra Modi

    India quits move to crack down on journos publishing fake news

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi orders the withdrawal of rules punishing journalists held responsible for distributing "fake news", giving no reason for the change, less than 24 hours after the original announcement.

  • Bangladesh youth delegation to India

    Bangladesh youth delegation meets Modi in Delhi

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with members of Bangladesh youth delegation at his office in New Delhi, India.

  • India Prime Minister Narendra Modi

    Furore erupts around Modi's app over alleged data sharing

    Allegations that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's official mobile application was sending personal user data to a third party without their consent cause a furore on social media in India and drew criticism from the leader of the main opposition party.

  • Teesta water-sharing deal

    Trying to resolve Teesta issue, Modi tells Hamid

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, they are trying to resolve the hurdles to the signing of the Teesta water-sharing deal with Bangladesh 'keeping all concerned on board'.