Jama’tul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) | The Daily Star
  • Politics, terrorism, and the state of denial

    While Islamist terrorists have re-emerged recently, killing bloggers, writers, foreign nationals and Shias, and attacking an Ahmadiyya mosque, with impunity, one wonders how leaders, intellectuals, and ordinary people in Bangladesh can afford to waste time and energy in partisan politics!

  • Reactivated JMB!

    If all those extremists killed and arrested in the last one month belong to the JMB then all those that had written off the extremist group as a non-entity and without the capacity to create problems for the country must be eating their words, and that includes the head of our police too.

  • 4 JMB men on 15-day remand in Ctg

    A Chittagong court grants 15 days remand for four JMB activists in three cases filed under arms, explosive and anti-terrorism acts.