River grabbing | The Daily Star
  • Fresh onslaught on Meghna

    A river under onslaught. An open defiance of a High Court order. And inept river custodians.

  • Masterplans for Dhaka, Ctg rivers unveiled

    The government yesterday unveiled two decade-long masterplans to protect five rivers in Dhaka and two in Chattogram against grabbing and pollution, and enhance their navigability.

  • Meghna too not spared

    Nothing seems to scare away the river grabbers. Amid impassioned calls from the judiciary, environmentalists and the media to save the country's last surviving rivers, a private company is building two slipways in the Meghna river in Munshiganj.

  • NO POLLS, NO LOANS for river grabbers

    River encroachers cannot run in any elections or get bank loans, the High Court has ordered, in efforts to save rivers from greedy grabbers. The HC also ordered the government to make a list of every grabber in the country and publish the list in the media to expose them to the public.