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  • Bangladesh High Court

    Set up ETPs to stop dumping wastes into Buriganga: HC

    High Court has directed owners of seven factories for setting up separate effluent treatment plants (ETPs) in order to stop dumping their wastes into the Buriganga river and to save it from pollution.

  • River pollution in Bangladesh

    Halda Pollution: Ctg power plant fined

    A peaking power plant in Hathazari has been ordered to suspend operation after officials found that it had been polluting the Halda river.

  • Bangladesh among countries with highest antibiotic river pollution: Study

    Bangladesh is among the countries with the highest levels of antibiotic river pollution along with Kenya, Ghana, Pakistan and Nigeria, a study revealed yesterday.

  • Louhajang River: Textile mill fined Tk 51 lakh for pollution

    The Alauddin Textile Mills, which had been polluting the Louhajang River in Tangail for long now, has been fined.

  • Louhajang River: Palette of pollution

    At a certain location, the Louhajang River occasionally changes its colour. Sometimes it turns red, sometimes yellow, and sometimes purple. But it is not out of some natural event. It is man-made.

  • Surma River Pollution

    Surma choked with garbage

    The Surma river in Sylhet is on the verge of becoming another Buriganga, environmentalists fear.

  • What are we doing to save our water sources?

    Various reports on the occasion of World Water Day, observed on March 22, have brought the terrible foreboding of a scenario in which we will literally run out of water.

  • Govt probe finds; Ctg DoE sits idle for nearly 2yrs

    Big industries killing Halda

    Waste from large factories and a housing estate are polluting the Halda river in Chattogram to the extent that it caused fish die-offs, according to a report of the Department of Environment.

  • Onslaught on Karatoa on

    The Karatoa is facing a fatal threat. The famous river is shrinking, at some points by a fifth of its total width, due to widespread grabbing along its banks in Bogura's Sadar upazila, according to a government survey and locals.

  • Industrial waste killing Halda fish

    Hundreds of dead fish have been floating in the Halda river near the port city over the last few days following a suspected pollution by factories on its banks.

  • Poisoning the Dhaleshwari

    After the Buriganga, the tannery industry is now polluting the Dhaleshwari river, as the central effluent treatment plant (CETP) for treating liquid waste and hazardous chemicals is yet to be fully operational.

  • Halda losing fish species

    The Halda river, the lone source of natural carp breeding in South Asia, lost 26 of its fish species in the past seven years because of

  • Save rivers from pollution

    Expressing concern over the ongoing pollution in Dhaleswari River because of dumping of tannery waste, green activists yesterday said

  • Plan to revive battered Buriganga

    With all the previous efforts to save Buriganga river going in vain, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sayeed Khokon yesterday came up with a plan to revive the river.

  • Losing fish to tobacco

    As the nation's and possibly South Asia's major natural breeding ground for carp fishes like ruhi, katol and mrigal (Indian carp) from where fishermen collect spawns, the 98-kilometre Halda River that runs through Khagrachhari is unique.

  • Raw hide bar for Hazribagh tanneries from Apr 1

    Government decides that raw hide will not be allowed in the tanneries at Hazaribagh in Dhaka from April 1 in order to force the tanneries to relocate out of the capital.

  • Action against river polluters

    There are several ways our rivers are being gradually killed off. There have been illegal encroachments of many important rivers around the capital and this has gone on with impunity.

  • River polluters warned

    Millions of gallons of untreated wastewaters, mainly from industries, are being dumped into the rivers around Dhaka city through as many as 185 outlets every day.

  • 71-km human chain formed to save Turag

    Environmentalists form a 71-km-long human chain on the banks of the Turag River demanding an end to pollution and grabbing of the river.