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  • Albert Einstein

    Happy birthday Albert Einstein!

    This is the birthday of Albert Einstein, one of the greatest theoretical physicist of all time, the father of the general theory of relativity which is considered to be one of the two pillars of modern physics.

  • 5D black holes could break relativity

    Ring-shaped, five-dimensional black holes could break Einstein's theory of general relativity, but there's a catch-it doesn't exists.

  • 5 things Einstein got totally wrong

    Relativity is now a centerpiece of modern physics, the reason GPS satellites and mobile internet exist, and why Einstein is easily the most famous scientist in history.But Einstein made plenty of errors and oversights, and sometimes, he was flat out wrong.

  • After 100 years, Einstein's theory stands test of time

    Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary, and his revolutionary hypothesis has withstood the test of time, despite numerous expert attempts to find flaws.