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  • Turkey receives first Russian missile delivery, risking US ire

    Turkey has received the first batch of Russia's S-400 missile defence system in a move expected to raise tensions with the United States, which has repeatedly warned against the purchase.

  • Turkey stun France; Italy sweep aside Greece; Germany see off Belarus

    World champion France was given a cold shower on Saturday in a Euro 2020 qualifier against Turkey, which kept up pressure throughout the game for a 2-0 home win while former world champions Italy and Germany notched comfortable wins against Greece and Belarus.

  • Close internment camps for Uighur

    Turkey on Saturday condemned China's treatment of its Muslim ethnic Uighur people as "a great shame for humanity", adding to rights

  • ‘Turkey working to carry Khashoggi investigation to UN’

    Turkey is working with other countries to carry the investigation into the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi to the United Nations, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says.

  • Khashoggi's disappearance challenges fragile Middle Eastern pragmatism

    Saudi Arabia and Turkey, despite being on opposite sides of Middle Eastern divides, are cooperating in Syria to enable youth and women to acquire skills that would either allow them to compete in the job market or turn them into entrepreneurs.

  • Not exactly Turkish delight!

    Tit-for-tat goes on between the US and Turkey with surprising frequency and fury. Ankara has declared a “boycott” of all electronic goods from the US. This is in retaliation—of a narrower calibration—to Washington having doubled tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from Turkey.

  • Turkish photographer beats groom for marrying child bride

    A Turkish wedding photographer is declared a hero on social media after admitting that he beat up a man who was getting married to a 15-year-old girl.

  • 24 killed as Turkish train derails after heavy rain

    Twenty-four people are killed when a train derailed in northwest Turkey this weekend, Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdag says.

  • Turkish court sentences journalists to prison over coup links: Amnesty

    A Turkish court hands six journalists jail sentences on Friday of up to just over 10 years for links to a failed military coup in July 2016, rights group Amnesty International says.

  • 8 Turkish troops die in Syria operation

    Turkey says eight of its troops were killed Saturday in Ankara's military operation against a Syrian Kurdish militia, the deadliest day in the two-week-old offensive in the enclave of Afrin, while in another part of Syria, al-Qaida-linked militants downed a Russian fighter jet, then shot and killed the pilot.

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    Turkey dismisses more than 2,700 with emergency rule decree

    Turkey says that 2,756 people have been dismissed from their jobs in public institutions including soldiers, teachers and ministry personnel over links to “terror” organisations.

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    A tale of turkeys

    When North Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, of all the festival dishes none is more significant than roast turkey. In the United

  • US-Turkish visa spat: A fight for basic freedoms

    Moves by the United States and Turkey that largely ban travel of their nationals between the two countries are about more than two long-standing NATO allies having a spat amid shifting alliances in a volatile part of the world.

  • Turkey, US suspend most visa services

    Turkish embassy in Washington said on Sunday it suspended all non-immigrant visa services at all Turkish diplomatic facilities in the United States, after US missions reduced visa services in Turkey.

  • Turkey sentences 34 to life in jail over Erdogan death plot

    A Turkish court gives life sentences to 34 people convicted of plotting to assassinate President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a luxury Aegean hotel during last year's failed coup.

  • Iraqi Kurdish to pay price for vote: Erdogan

    Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan says Iraqi Kurdish authorities would pay the price for an independence referendum which was widely opposed by foreign powers.

  • Rohingya refugees

    Turkey to build refugee camps for 1 lakh Rohingyas

    Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TCCA) Coordinator Ahmed Rafiq says his country will build refugee camps for one lakh Rohingyas, who fled the persecution in Rakhine state of Myanmar, in the southeastern districts of Bangladesh.

  • Huge crowd rallies against Turkey's post-coup crackdown

    Turkey's main opposition leader told a huge protest rally on Sunday that the country was living under dictatorship and pledged to keep challenging the crackdown launched by the authorities after last year's failed military coup.

  • Around 2,000 Bangladeshis stuck in Turkey

    Around 2,000 Bangladeshis, mostly migrants from Iran, Lebanon and Jordan, got stuck in Turkey as their attempts to illegally enter

  • Turkey seeks to host Euro 2024

    Turkey announced on Thursday an ambitious bid backed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to host the Euro 2024 football tournament, brushing off concerns over security and infrastructure.

  • Turkey mourns after twin Istanbul bombings kill 29

    Turkey declared a day of national mourning on Sunday after twin bombings targeting police struck the heart of Istanbul near the home stadium of football giants Besiktas, killing 29 people.

  • Bombs outside Istanbul soccer stadium kill 29

    A car bomb followed by a suicide bombing less than a minute later killed 29 people and wounded 166 outside a soccer stadium in Istanbul on Saturday night, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said.

  • Why Turkey is so important

    Why Turkey is so important

    According to WikiLeaks, soon after Bashar Assad rejected the Qatar pipeline, the CIA began funding opposition groups in Syria…. intelligence documents, published by WikiLeaks, show that by 2012”, some US allies “were arming, training and funding radical Jihadist Sunni fighters from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere to overthrow the Assad's Shia allied regime.

  • Taking Turkey seriously

    Istanbul, in western Turkey, is one of Europe's great cities. As Constantinople, it was the capital of the Roman and Byzantine Empires, and after its capture and renaming by Mehmed II in 1453, it served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire for nearly another 500 years.

  • Turkey seeks arrest of Hakan Sukur in coup probe

    Turkey has issued an arrest warrant for its former international football star striker Hakan Sukur as it probes last month's failed coup aimed at unseating President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

  • Turkey coup: Rebel jets had Erdogan's plane in sights yet let it fly on

    At the height of the attempt to overthrow Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, the rebel pilots of two F-16 fighter jets are reported to have Erdogan's plane in their sights, and yet he was able to fly on.

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    Thousands of Turkish police suspended

    Turkish officials say that nearly 8,000 police officers have been suspended, reportedly on suspicion of having links to the failed coup attempt at the weekend.

  • Turkey rounds up more coup officers

    Turkey detains 6,000 people over Friday's failed coup and the number is expected to rise further, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag says

  • Turkish coup plotters 'request asylum' in Greece

    A Turkish military helicopter landed in Greece Saturday carrying eight officers seeking asylum after a coup bid, Greek police says.

  • Messi to cancel trip to Turkey after attempted coup

    Barcelona star Lionel Messi reportedly cancels plans to travel to Turkey following a military coup d'etat in the country.