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  • US could be next virus epicentre: WHO

    The United States could become the global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday, as India announced a full 24-hour nationwide lockdown in the world’s second-most populous country.

  • US formally starts withdrawal from Paris climate accord

    The United States formally has notified the United Nations that it was withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, making the world's largest economy the sole outlier from the agreement.

  • US closes Jerusalem consulate

    The United States has officially shuttered its consulate in Jerusalem, downgrading the status of its main diplomatic mission to the Palestinians by folding it into the US Embassy to Israel.

  • Withdrawal of US forces in Syria likely to start in 'weeks'

    The United States is likely just weeks away from starting the withdrawal of ground troops from Syria ordered by President Donald Trump, the top US commander overseeing American forces in the Middle East says.

  • US seeks UN draft resolution calling for Venezuela elections

    The United States presents a draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council calling for international aid deliveries and a presidential vote in Venezuela, triggering a Russian counter-proposal.

  • US files charges against Huawei

    China yesterday accused the United States of "political motivations" behind sweeping charges against Chinese telecom giant Huawei in a case that has ratcheted up tensions between the two superpowers.

  • US 'confident' NKorea's Kim will fulfill commitments

    The United States remains confident that denuclearization "promises" made during a historic summit between Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un will be fulfilled, a State Department spokesperson says.

  • Bangladesh former chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha's Corruption Case

    Ex-CJ Sinha seeks political asylum in US

    Former chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha on Saturday said he had sought political asylum in the United States.

  • UN Peacekeeping

    US wants to toughen UN response to peacekeeper misconduct

    The United States has presented a draft Security Council resolution aimed at toughening the UN response to failures by peacekeepers in their mission to protect civilians, US Ambassador Nikki Haley says.

  • Woodward’s phone call with Trump

    The full transcript of the 11-mintue phone conversation between United States President Donald Trump and legendary journalist Bob Woodward is published by The Washington Post.

  • Bob Woodward: Trump's aides stole his papers 'to protect the country'

    An incendiary tell-all book by a reporter who helped bring down President Richard Nixon set off a firestorm in the White House, with its descriptions of current and former aides calling President Donald Trump an “idiot” and a “liar,” disparaging his judgment and claiming they plucked papers off his desk to prevent him from withdrawing from a pair of trade agreements.

  • Trump takes on Google in complaints about social media

    President Donald Trump lashes out at tech companies, accusing Google and others of “suppressing” conservative voices and “hiding information” and good news. He cited no evidence for the claim, which echoes both his own attacks on the press and a conservative talking point.

  • How to prevent Google from recording your movements

    Accused of continuing to track users' movements even when they have turned off their location history, Google is being sued in the United States for unauthorized location data collection.

  • Trump plan rolls back Obama’s coal emissions standards

    The Trump administration is set to roll back the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s efforts to slow global warming, the Clean Power Plan that restricts greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants.

  • No room for 'neo-nazism' in US: Ivanka Trump

    Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's daughter and a White House adviser, explicitly condemns "white supremacy, racism and neo-nazism" in a manner her father seems reluctant to do.

  • US judge blocks release of 3D gun blueprints amid uproar

    A US judge temporarily blocked the online publication of blueprints for 3D-printed firearms, in a last-ditch effort to stop a settlement President Donald Trump's administration had reached with the company releasing the digital documents.

  • Iran will resist Trump's 'psychological warfare': Iran general

    Overnight threats by President Donald Trump against Iran amount to "psychological warfare", and Tehran will continue to resist its enemies, a senior commander of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards was quoted as saying.

  • Trump arrives in ‘hot spot’ Britain

    US President Donald Trump arrives in "hot spot" Britain after casting doubt on Prime Minister Theresa May's plans for leaving the European Union and with protests planned across the country where he says the people like him a lot.

  • Tearful reunion for mom, daughter separated at border

    It had been nearly two months since Buena Ventura Martin Godinez has seen her 7-year-old daughter after the frightened young mother was separated from her family trying to cross from Mexico into the US.

  • Canada legalizes recreational cannabis use

    Canada legalizes recreational cannabis use

    Canada is set to become the latest of only a few countries around the world to legalise cannabis for recreational use after its lawmakers passed a bill Monday giving their go-ahead.

  • US quits ‘biased’ UN human rights council

    The United States withdraws from a "hypocritical and self-serving" United Nations Human Rights Council over what it called chronic bias against Israel and a lack of reform, a move activists warned would make advancing human rights globally even more difficult.

  • Kelly Sadler: Aide who mocked McCain exits White House

    Donald Trump sacks an aide who said cancer-stricken Senator John McCain's opposition to a presidential nominee did not matter because "he's dying anyway," the White House announces.

  • US vetoes UN resolution on protecting Palestinians

    The United States vetoes a Kuwaiti-drafted UN Security Council resolution that condemned Israel's use of force against Palestinian civilians, underlining Washington's differences with friends and foes alike over the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

  • US imposes steel tariffs on key allies

    Washington will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the European Union, Canada and Mexico from midnight today ending months of uncertainty over potential exemptions and sharply escalating the risk of a trade war.

  • North Korea suspends talks with South, summit in doubt

    North Korea throws next month’s unprecedented summit between Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump into doubt, threatening weeks of diplomatic progress by saying it may reconsider if Washington insists on unilateral denuclearisation.

  • US increases sanctions pressure on Iran

    The United States imposed sanctions against six individuals and three companies it says were funneling millions of dollars to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard's elite Quds Force, just days after President Donald Trump withdrew from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

  • Iran's Khamenei urges Muslim nations to unite against US

    Iran's supreme leader called on Muslim nations to unite against the United States, saying Tehran would never yield to "bullying," state television reports.

  • As US, North Korea plan to meet, Iran warns against Trump deals

    A US push to change the Iran nuclear deal was sending a “very dangerous message” that countries should never negotiate with Washington, Iran’s foreign minister warns as US and North Korean leaders prepare to meet for denuclearization talks.

  • Russia UN envoy 'cannot exclude' war between Russia, US

    Russia's UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia urges the United States and its allies on Thursday to refrain from military action against Syria over a suspected chemical weapons attack and says he "cannot exclude" war between Washington and Moscow.

  • Pakistan defends nuclear trade after US sanction

    Pakistan defends its record on nuclear safety after the United States sanctioned seven Pakistani companies over alleged links to the nuclear trade, saying the suspicions over the companies should not be used to discredit it.