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  • migrant jail in US

    Man dies after attacking migrant jail in US

    A 69-year-old man armed with a rifle threw incendiary devices at an immigration jail in Washington state early Saturday morning, then was found dead after four police officers arrived and opened fire, authorities said.

  • US Department of State

    Bangladesh’s election wasn’t fair: US State Dept

    United States’ Department of State stands by its claim that the last parliamentary election of Bangladesh was not held in a fair manner.

  • A visitor takes a selfie

    NKorea demands US apology for not using official name

    North Korea demands an apology from the United States for what it called “insolent outrageous behavior” in refusing to refer to the country by its official name — the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

    Russia will not support US bid to change Iran nuke deal

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Moscow will not support attempts by Washington to modify the Iran nuclear deal, arguing such a move could also complicate diplomacy over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

  • President Donald Trump

    Trump threatens to cut off US aid to Palestinian Authority

    Acknowledging his push to broker peace in the Middle East has stalled, President Donald Trump appears to threaten to cut off US aid money to the Palestinian Authority, asking why the US should make “any of these massive future payments” when the Palestinians are “no longer willing to talk peace.”

  • Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

    Don't care for US threats: Nawaz

    Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif in a press conference asserts that the PML-N government does not care for United States (US) threats to cut funding to Islamabad in the war against terrorism.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Pakistan summons US ambassador over Trump tweet

    Pakistan has summoned the US ambassador, an embassy spokesman says, a rare public rebuke after Donald Trump lashed out at Islamabad with threats to cut aid over "lies" about militancy.

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

    Nuclear button is on my desk, says Kim

    Kim Jong Un warns the United States that he has a “nuclear button” on his desk ready for use if North Korea is threatened, but offered an olive branch to South Korea, saying he was “open to dialogue” with Seoul.

  • Hamidur Rashid

    US drops charges that UN economist underpaid Bangladeshi worker

    US prosecutors have dropped charges accusing a United Nations economist in New York of committing visa fraud by bringing into the country a domestic worker from Bangladesh and then failing to pay her a lawful wage, his lawyers announces.

  • Rescue personnel and equipment are working

    3 dead, 100 injured after train jumps tracks in Washington state

    An Amtrak train making the first-ever run along a faster new route hurtles off an overpass south of Seattle and spills some of its cars onto the highway below, killing at least three people, injuring more than 100 and crushing two vehicles, authorities say.

  • Kevin Brady

    US tax bill: Republicans agree sweeping changes

    Congressional Republicans unveils the final version of their dramatic US tax overhaul - debt-financed cuts for businesses, the wealthy and some middle-class Americans - and picked up crucial support from two wavering senators ahead of planned votes by lawmakers early next week.

  • President Donald Trump

    Iraq demands US backtrack on Jerusalem, summons ambassador

    Iraq demands that the US government backtrack on a decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and summons the US ambassador in Baghdad to protest the decision.

  • M Hasasn Rahman Badhon

    Bangladeshi student shot dead in US

    A Bangladeshi youth has been shot dead in Kansas City of US.

  • Bangladeshi students

    Bangladeshi students in US highest in 2016-17

    The number of Bangladeshi students travelling to the United States for education has reached an all-time high in 2017, the US embassy in Dhaka says.

  • Could mindfulness benefit breast cancer survivors?

    Could mindfulness benefit breast cancer survivors?

    The American Cancer Society estimates that about 250,000 women in the United States is going to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, joining the approximately 3.1 million breast-cancer survivors who have completed treatment or are still undergoing it.

  • Trump 'deranged', says Kim as NKorea hints at Pacific H-bomb

    US President Donald Trump is "mentally deranged" and will "pay dearly" for his threat to destroy North Korea, Kim Jong-Un said Friday, as his foreign minister hinted the regime may explode a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean.

  • SKorea says North's nuclear capability 'speeding up', calls for action

    South Korea's foreign minister says that North Korea's nuclear capability is expanding fast, echoing alarm around the world over the isolated state's fifth nuclear test carried out in defiance of UN sanctions.

  • No DV for Bangladeshis: US

    The United States urge Bangladeshi citizens to remain cautious about ‘malicious people’ who are alluring Bangladeshi citizens with fake claim about Diversity Visa (DV) though Bangladesh is no more an eligible country for the DV programme.

  • Trump says unlikely to have good relation with Cameron

    Donald Trump says he is unlikely to have a good relationship with David Cameron because the British prime minister cast the US presidential candidate as "divisive, stupid and wrong" for proposing a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States.

  • Beijing blasts Pentagon report on Chinese military as damaging trust

    China condemns the US Defence Department's annual report on the Chinese military today, calling it deliberate distortion that has "severely damaged" mutual trust.

  • US proposes to cut methane from oil, gas by nearly half

    The Obama administration issues a final rule to sharply cut methane emissions from US oil and gas production, to reduce methane emissions by nearly half over the next decade.

  • Trump softens stance on Muslim ban

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appears to have softened his stance on temporarily barring Muslims from travelling to the US.

  • Trump nomination divides Republicans

    Top Republicans are divided on whether to support Donald Trump after the businessman all but secured the party's presidential nomination.

  • Trump links Cruz's father to Kennedy assassination

    Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump suggested that Rafael Cruz, his chief opponent's father, is connected to the man who killed President John F Kennedy.

  • Backlash after Obama EU referendum intervention

    US President Barack Obama is accused of doing Downing Street's bidding - after he said the UK would be at "the back of the queue" for American trade deals if it left the EU.

  • US concerned over Thai military’s new police-like powers

    The United States on Monday expressed deep concerns over Thailand’s powerful military getting expansive police-like powers by the ruling junta to arrest and detain criminal suspects, reports the Bangkok Post.

  • Debunking America's populist narrative

    One does not need to be particularly good at hearing to decipher the dog whistles being used during this year's election campaign in the United States.

  • US to honour Sara Hossain, 13 others tomorrow

    The United States is going to honour 14 women across the world, including barrister Sara Hossain, for their exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for peace, justice, human rights, gender equality and women’s empowerment.

  • Gates: US 'should take more' refugees

    The United States "should set a better example" by taking in more refugees, the billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates tells the BBC.

  • N Korea hit with new US sanctions

    The US has imposed new sanctions on North Korea over its alleged weapons proliferation activities.