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  • Childhood of Street Children

    Glue-sniffing: childhood lost on the streets

    Children huddled in a corner huffing plastic bags is a common sight in Dhaka. Though rehabilitation efforts are needed urgently, the authorities that should be concerned only seem to be shifting the responsibility from one to other, while the children continue to suffer on the streets.

  • Absence implies their lack of political will

    Although the country witnessed a significant urban growth in the last few decades, there was an absence of proper transport planning and institutions in the urban transport sector, causing indiscipline and mismanagement there, experts and activists said yesterday.

  • Urban monkeys of Dhaka (video)

    Taken away their natural habitat, around a thousand monkeys are still thriving in some places of Dhaka city.

  • Web Review: Get traffic alerts on Facebook

    The traffic condition in Dhaka is getting worse with time. But now, you can get updates on the traffic status of your route and decide beforehand whether to take an alternative route to reach your destination.

  • urban


    THE plight that is Dhaka city, the magnitude of its unlivability (though we continue to live and endure) has become a daily platitude,

  • Recover walkways, experts urge future mayors

    Noted urban experts and town planners say mayors to be elected in the upcoming Dhaka City Corporations should concentrate on recovering pedestrian passages as part of their priority goals