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  • Malaysians vote in cliffhanger election

    Malaysian politicians from both government and opposition camps complains of "dirty tricks" after voting in a general election begins on Wednesday, as non-stop spam calls to their mobile phones disruptes communications with party organisers.

  • Report on women abuse: NY state attorney general resigns

    New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigns on Monday after allegations of physical abuse by four women are reported in an article in the New Yorker magazine.

  • Rouhani says plans in place for any Trump decision on nuclear deal

    President Hassan Rouhani says on Sunday Iran has plans to respond to any move by US President Donald Trump on the 2015 nuclear agreement and the United States would regret a decision to exit the accord.

  • Polls open in Lebanon's first general election in 9yrs

    Polling booths open in Lebanon today for the country's first parliamentary election in nine years, a period marked by stretches of political paralysis and war in neighbouring Syria.

  • Disarray grips Brazil over impeachment

    The Brazilian Senate vows to vote on the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff despite a ruling that a vote in the lower house was flawed.

  • Sadiq Khan becomes London's first Muslim mayor

    Sadiq Khan is elected London mayor, the first Muslim mayor of a European Union capital, in a boost for the opposition Labour Party.

  • Anger, sanctions threats greet NKorea rocket launch plans

    South Korea and Japan echo US warnings that North Korea would pay a heavy price if it pushes ahead with a planned rocket launch just weeks after conducting its fourth nuclear test.

  • The Grand Theatre of War

    World War I was once thought of as 'the War to End All Wars'. But the hypothesis that “violence can be extinguished with greater violence” has since been thoroughly disproved and should have no place in modern statecraft. Yet it is the bedrock of anti-terrorism.

  • Anatomy of two E-waste disasters

    Discarded end-of-life electronic and electrical devices, or e-waste, are the fastest growing waste stream in the world.

  • David Cameron hold talks with French President

    David Cameron is holding talks in Paris with French President Francois Hollande on co-operation in the fight against so-called Islamic State.

  • EU agrees to tighten borders after Paris attacks

    EU ministers agrees to get tough on border security after the devastating Paris attacks, as prosecutors said a third body had been found following a police raid on the ringleader's hideout.

  • 28 “terrorists” shot dead in China

    Chinese police kill 28 members of a "terrorist group" in the mainly Muslim Xinjiang region, in the bloodiest such operation in months and as Beijing denounces Western "double standards" in the wake of the Paris attacks.

  • The Assad Dead End

    Forget principles and morality. Forget, or try to forget, the quarter-million deaths for which Bashar al-Assad is responsible, directly or indirectly, since choosing to respond with violence to a peaceful uprising of the Syrian people.

  • Sisi defends Egypt’s security laws

    President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi defends Egypt's sweeping security laws, insisting he is still taking the country on a path to democracy.

  • US: Iran to be invited to Syria talks

    The United States announces that Iran may take part in talks to end the civil war in Syria and warned of increased military action against the Islamic State.

  • Tony Blair apologises for Iraq war ‘mistakes’

    Tony Blair apologises for mistakes made over the Iraq War - and said there were "elements of truth" to claims the war caused the rise of Islamic State.

  • Turkey in mourning after blast

    Turkey is beginning three days of mourning after two blasts at a peace rally in the capital Ankara killed at least 95 people on Saturday, the deadliest ever such attack in Turkey.

  • Britain heading for a HUNG PARLIAMENT AGAIN

    Interestingly to form a government one or more smaller parties will conveniently bend their ideological moorings and join either the Tories or Labour and get past the 326-seat threshold.

  • North Korea 'executed 15 people'

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un orders the execution of 15 people this year, including several top officials, South Korean intelligence says.

  • Palestinian shot dead by Israeli troops

    Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, the military and a Palestinian hospital

  • Challenging disorder

    A few years after World War II, when the North Atlantic Treaty was ratified in the United States and our relationship with Europe was cemented, President Harry Truman said simply: “The more closely the nations of the Atlantic community can work together for peace, the better for all people, everywhere.”